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I-Cord Knitting Patterns

by | Jul 23, 2016 | Decor, Featured, Quick Projects

I-Cord Knitting Patterns. Most patterns are free

If you’re looking for the most portable, stash-busting, easy project, then I-cords are for you. Knitting i-cords only uses two double-pointed needles (no knitting in the round though!), scraps of yarn (for most projects), and knit stitches, usually only a few per row. But what do you do with them after you knit them if you aren’t attaching them to a purse or booties? Here are several great ideas.

How to Knit I-Cord

Here’s a link to a short video and i-cord tutorial from Annie’s.

I-Cord Tutorial and Video

And if this is too slow for you, I have links to some innovative i-cord tools below that are still portable!

To get the knitting patterns, scroll down the page to the individual pattern you want and click on the link to that pattern.

These patterns are not my designs but links to other designers who have generously shared their patterns. If you have questions about how to knit a specific pattern, please contact the designer directly.

All links on this site are for informational purposes, but please note that some links are to affiliate sellers that pay me a small commission on purchases.

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for Bobby Pin Sweater

Bobby Pin Sweater

Dress up your bobby pins and turn them into pretty hair barrettes with i-cord. Great use for scrap fingering yarn. Designed by pamela w allen. Pictured projects by CirceBellesB and emloubell

Free Knitting Pattern for Loopy I-Cord Pompom

Loopy I-Cord Pompom

This fun loopy pom-pom made from an i-cord is a unique topper for any hat or for a gift. Instructions are for small 2.25” (5.75 cm) and large 3.25” (8.25 cm) size pom-poms. One standard (90 yard) mini skein of sock yarn makes 2-4 pom-poms. Designed by Xandy Peters

Free Knitting Pattern Eye Cord i-cord eyeglass holders

Eye Cord

Lisa J Gravel designed these fashionable, fast eyeglasses and reading glasses holders from i-cords. 3 sizes. Makes a great gift!

Free Knitting Pattern for I-Cord Shoelaces

Friedrich I-Cord Shoelaces

Berroco Design Team created this design for i-cord shoelaces.

Free Knitting Pattern for True Love Trivet

True Love Trivet

Yarnspirations’ trivet is made by weaving i-cords into a heart shape. Fun and functional!

Free Knitting Pattern for Knotted I-Cord Dragonfly

Free Knitting Pattern for Knotted I-Cord Dragonfly

Knotted I-Cord Dragonfly

Based on a traditional Chinese knot, Mathilde Nicolas’s easy dragonfly is made with a long length of i-cord and a few simple knots.

Free Knitting Pattern for I-Cord Teddy Bear

I-Cord Teddy Bear

Sarah Bradberry’s tiny toy bear is made from 3 i-cords  and measures approximately 7½ cm (3 inches) in height.

Free knitting pattern for Ocean Picture Frame made of i-cord

Ocean Photo Frame

Kathryn Williams designed this DIY frame that’s a frame mat decorated with i-cord.

I-Cord Necklace Free Knitting Pattern | Jewelry Knitting Patterns, many free patterns, at

I-Cord Necklace

An ingenious necklace knit with beads inserted into an i-cord.

Get the free knitting pattern

Shop for beads at Michaels

Free knitting pattern for Wreath Ornaments and more Christmas Decoration knittingpatterns

Wreath Gift Toppers and Ornaments

Designed by Lorna Misner for Red Heart, these ornaments are made from braided icord. They also make perfect gift decorations. And a great use for leftover yarn!

Free knitting pattern for I-cord Coasters

I-Cord Coasters

Salihan Laugesen offers a tutorial and templates for these cute quick coasters.

Free knitting pattern for Daisy Chain Necklace of icord

Daisy Chain Necklace

Crazy Dazy designed this necklace with i-cord flowers and “chain”.

Free Knitting Pattern for I-Cord Earmuff Headband

I-Cord Earmuff Headband

Penolopy Bulnick’s headband is made of three cords – two are swirled into buns to make the earmuff parts and the third is used to connect those buns and make it a headband. She used a French Knitter to create the i-cords but you can knit them by hand.

Free Knitting Pattern for I-Cord Mug Cozy

I-cord Mug Cozy

Comma’s mug cozy is made by spiraling i-cord.

Free Knitting Pattern for Ropes Cowl of I-Cords

Ropes Cowl

Kristina Larson designed this neckwarmer made of i-cords attached to a knitted shoulder piece. Pictured project by Uberknitter

Free Knitting Pattern Peppermint I-Cord Coaster

Peppermint Coaster

This easy i-cord coaster from Yarnspirations adds a festive touch to holiday tables or everyday decor.

Rainbow Smile Necklace Knitting Pattern | Necklace Knitting Patterns at

Rainbow Smile Necklace

This easy and fun necklace by Vicki Brown is constructed with a few i-cords that you can knit or crochet,  plus a few jewelry supplies.

Get the free knitting pattern

Free video and instructions on how to make i-cords

Shop for the jewelry supplies at Michaels

Free knitting pattern for sandals made with plastic yarn plarn

I-cord Sandals

Kimberly Golynskiy designed these sandals as part of a thesis project to upcycle plastic bags. Size shown is for 12-18 months but is easily customizable. They are designed for plarn but could probably be adapted for other yarn.

Free Knitting Pattern for I-Cord Headband

Three Strand I-Cord Headband

Rachel Braff designed this easy headband to be comfortable and soft. Pictured project by Rufarocrafty

11 Intelligent Ideas for I-Cords

11 Intelligent Ideas for I-Cord

Jessie Ksanznak created this photo tutorial with lots of useful suggestions for using i-cords such as shoelaces, curtain tiebacks, package ribbon, belts, and more.

Arm Knit I-Cord Cowl free knitting pattern and more free cowl knitting patterns at

I-Cord Arm Knit Cowl

No needles? No problem! Arm Knit your i-cord with three strands of multi-colored and contrasting yarn to get this cowl from Yarnspirations with an almost jewelry-like look.

Untangled5 Medium2

Untangled Ear Bud Cozies

Designed by Samiha Qureshi, these cozies keep your ear bud wires from tangling and look great too! Made by knitting encapsulated i-cord over the ear bud cords. Great use for leftover yarn.

Knitting Mill for I-Cord

I-Cord Knitting Machines

If knitting i-cord by hand is too slow for you, try these innovative machines for making i-cord quickly and easily. You can even create super and mega bulky yarn from i-cords that you can use for fast or gigantic knitting.

These tools known as Knitting Mills, French knitters, knitting dollies, or knitting nancies, easily create i-cord either by turning a handle or manually making the loops.

Patterns for Purchase

Knitting Pattern for I-Cord Rug

I-Cord Rug

Knitting Rugs: 39 Traditional, Contemporary, Innovative DesignsOne of the patterns in Knitting Rugs: 39 Traditional, Contemporary, Innovative Designs. Great for stash busting or multi-color yarn! See gallery below for some of the patterns in the book. Available in Kindle and Paperback (Prime available).

Knitting Kit for Wildflower Necklace

Wildflower Necklace Kit

Knit a necklace of fabric yarn with braided i-cord in about an hour. Patterns included for braided and sailor knot necklaces. Choose from 4 fabric options for the kit (options available are different than pictured projects by designer.)

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Knitting Pattern for Boho I-Cord Bracelet

Boho I-Cord Bracelet

A charming little wrap bracelet with a rustic flair and just the right amount of femininity.

Knitting Pattern Fall Roving Cowl made with i-cord

Fall Roving Cowl

I-cord strands replace traditional knitted fabric in this cowl / statement necklace and two buttons complete the look. This infinity cowl knits up quickly using soft bulky weight yarn.

Knitting Pattern for Braided Trivets using i-cords

Braided Trivets

Martha Lazar was inspired by Early American braided rag rugs when she designed these colorful home accessories that use braided i-cord instead of rags. Designed originally as potholders, you can knit them smaller to make coasters or much larger to make a rug!

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Knitting Pattern Ryedale Bracelet i-cord paracord bracelet

Ryedale Bracelet

Instructions for making trendy, chunky paracord style bracelets from knit i-cord. Easy pattern in 5 sizes.

Knitting Pattern for I-Cord Coaster or Placemat

I-Cord Placement or Coaster

Easy pattern to match any decor..

Knitting Pattern Serial Necklace of i-cord variations

Serial Necklace

The strands are variations on knitted i-cords. The pictured necklace was made with one single ball of self-striping Mini Mochi yarn, but the pattern is also great for stash-busting.

Knitting Pattern for I-Cord Scarf

I-Cord Scarf

This ingenious multi-strand accessory can be worn many different ways. Mix and match strands for different outfits.

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