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Fingerless Mitts and Gloves Knitting Patterns

by | Aug 16, 2015 | Accessories, Featured

Fingerless Mitts and Gloves Free Knitting Patterns at

Romantic, dramatic, cozy, practical! These fingerless mitt patterns are great for keeping hands warm, fashionable, and free for texting! Plus they make unique but quick gifts.

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Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for Flower Fingerless Mitts

Flower Fingerless Mitts

These Silver Brunia fingerless gloves feature a flowering plant with bobble blossoms, lace leaves, and twisted stitch roots. DK yarn. Designed by Ieva Šimkutė-Pilelė. Pictured projects by the designer and sketeryte

Free Knitting Pattern for Daisy Stitch Fingerless Gloves

Daisy Stitch Fingerless Gloves

These fingerless mitts are knit flat and seamed, starting with a knit scalloped edge, continuing with daisy stitch, and finishing with twisted rib stitch. 2 sizes. Designed by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

Free Knitting Pattern for Honeycomb Cable Fingerless Mitts

Honeycomb Cable Fingerless Mitts

These mitts feature an easy cable pattern on the back. Designed by Laura Eccleston

Free Knitting Pattern for Felicity Mitts

Felicity Mitts

These fingerless gloves feature a lace-trimmed cuff, eyelet detailing, and I-cord edging at palm and thumb. Add buttons or I-cord laces at the cuffs for extra style. Three sizes. Uses 200 – 250 yards of the recommended yarn. Designed by Cloud House Studio

Free Knitting Pattern for Lambing Mitts

Lambing Mitts

These fingerless gloves feature a cuff that can be unfolded to keep your fingers warm. Designed by Veronika Jobe

Free Knitting Pattern for Modern Sophisticated Glovelets

Modern Sophisticated Glovelets

These fingerless gloves feature a fashionable button closure and eyelet bands. Designed by Nazanin S. Fard

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Free Knitting Pattern for Bronte's Mitts

Bronte’s Mitts

These lace fingerless mitts feature picot edges. Designed by Diane Mulholland. Pictured project by knitteria

Susie's Reading Mitts Free Knitting Pattern

Susie’s Reading Mitts

Fingerless gloves with eyelet detail designed by Susie Rogers make a very romantic look. Pictured project by Helen at Pointy Point Sticks

Get the free knitting pattern

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Spatterdash Fingerless Mitts free knitting pattern with fan lace and buttons

Spatterdash Wristwarmers

Designed by Dagmar Mora, these fingerless mitts are knit flat and wrapped around the hand to imitate spats. The feather and fan lace gives a lovely texture that showcases variegated yarn well, yet also works well with solid yarn. This is a lovely and versatile pattern that is only limited by your imagination — try your prettiest yarn and buttons! Sizes: Women’s S[M, L]Get the free knitting pattern

Free Knitting Pattern for Belle Ruffle Gloves

Belle Ruffle Gloves

Designed by Veronica O’Neil, these fingerless gloves combine romance and drama with ruffles, contrasting trim, and buttons. Sizes: Women’s S[M, L]


Free Knitting Pattern for Pieces of Eight Mitts

Pieces of Eight Mitts

The miracle of this design by Knitting and So On  is that these fingerless gloves are knitted in one piece (no yarn cutting involved) beginning at the thumb. The “Eight”-Shape is achieved by increasing in the first part of a row, and decreasing in the second part.

Get the free knitting pattern

Apothecary Cuffs Free Knitting Pattern | Outlander Inspired Knitting Patterns at

Apothecary Cuffs

Designed by Carolyn Macpherson, after cuffs that Claire might use to keep warm in gathering medicinal plants.

Free Knitting Pattern for Nereid Fingerless Mitts

Nereid Fingerless Gloves

Pattern by Denise Sutherland based on a chart originally designed for socks. Pictured project by knotaknitwit


Double Helix Mitts Free Knitting Pattern

Double Helix Mitts

Designed by Sybil R, these fingerless gloves are knit by winding strips of knitting and joining as you knit. Great for keeping your hands warm fashionably while you text or pin. They also are a great way to use leftover oddball yarn. Great for multi-colored yarn.

Download the free knitting pattern

Knucks free knitting pattern for fingerless mitts / gloves and more free knitting patterns for fingerless mitts at


It’s difficult to type this when I’m laughing so hard! Instead of tatooing your knuckles, try this pattern by Pamela Grossman for fingerless gloves and embroider your favorite eight letters on the knuckles. Knit from the knuckles up.

Get the free knitting pattern

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Free Knitting Pattern for Swirling Gauntlets

Swirling Gauntlets

These gauntlets designed by Susanna IC are simple and quick. The swirls are formed by cables and the cable pattern is easy enough for the beginner. The length of the mitts can be extended and many of the projects have made longer mitts. Pictured project by zuzusus

Get the free knitting pattern


Free Knitting Pattern for Rye Mitts

Rye / Ruista

The clever design element of the tab and button turn these easy stockinette mitts into stylish ruched accessories. You couldn’t find an easier way to be fashionable than this pattern designed by Hanne Katajamäki. Scroll down the pattern page for the English language pattern.

Get the free knitting pattern



Owl Fingerless Gloves

A special cable pattern with tiny buttons forms an owl motif.

Get the free knitting pattern

See more Owl Knitting Patterns

Endpaper Fingerless Mitts free knitting pattern

Endpaper Mitts

These reversible mitts by Eunny Jang are perfect for highly contrasting yarns and a great project for beginneers in colorwork.

Get the free knitting pattern


Donalda Gilchrist Samhain Mitts Free Knitting Pattern | Outlander Inspired Knitting Patterns at

Donalda Gilchrist Samhain Mitts

Designer Polly Foo Foo was inspired by characters in a beloved historical fantasy series.

Get the free pattern

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Free Knitting Pattern for Musica Mitts

Musica Fingerless Gloves

Anne Neumann designed these wristwarmers so musicians could keepy their hands warm while playing but they are great for music lovers too! Pictured project by Sarajewel


Zimtstern Cinnamon Star Fingerless Mitts Free Knitting Pattern

Cinnamon Star Fingerless Mitts

The designer Knitting and So On named these fingerless mitts after a favorite Christmas cookie, Zimstern –which means Cinnamon Star. The techniques used include hexagon and circle mitt knitting and surface crochet or slip stitch.

Get the free knitting pattern

Marywarmers Fingerless Mitts Free Knittign Pattern


These armwarmers designed by Lisa Reeve have a radiating ribbed pattern that works well with variegated or self-striping yarn. (Also looks great in solids!) Pictured project by Kampfhamster112


Mixed Wave Mitts free knitting pattern

Mixed Waves Fingerless Mitts

Pattern by Knitting and So On creates elegant gloves from short row sections interspersed with garter stitch rows of a different color.

Get the free pattern at Ravelry


Patterns for Purchase

Knitting Pattern for Fingerless Gloves With Pockets

Fingerless Gloves With Pockets

These handwarmers feature an inside pocket on the top closed with two buttons that’s perfect for key, change, parking passes, and other essentials.


Knitting Pattern for Cables Fingerless Mitts

Cables Fingerless Mitts

Knit in the round. Size: Small to Medium, Large

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Lacefield Lace Fingerless Mitts Knitting Pattern

Lacefield Fingerless Mitts

Knit flat with chunky wool and easy to remember lace pattern, this is a quick but lovely pattern.

Get the knitting pattern at Etsy


Pianissimo Mitts Knitting Pattern

Pianissimo Mitts

Designed by Becky Herrick, these mitts feature a frothy, lacy cuff flows organically into ribbing and then stockinette stitch before finishing in a row of clean eyelets.

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Prairie Fingerless Gloves Free Knitting Pattern

Prairie Fingerless Gloves

These dainty hand warmers boast gorgeous lacy cuffs in a delicate leaf pattern.

Get the knitting pattern at Etsy

Loretta Mitts Knitting Pattern

Loretta Mitts

Brenda K. B. Anderson designed fingerless handwarmers worked flat get a little bit of flair from an easy cable pattern, a bit of fringe, and customizable, easy embroidery.


Knitting pattern for Spate Fingerless Mitts

Spate Fingerless Mitts

Jane Richmond designed these armwarmers that feature an all-over raindrop pattern that looks like cables but requires no cable needle. Spate features a fold-able cuff that can be worn flipped over your fingers to keep them warm on those blustery days. They are knit in the round which is the only complication.

Knitting Pattern for Totally Cabled Fingerless Gloves

Totally Cabled Fingerless Gloves

These fingerless mitts feature two distinct cables, as well as one twisted stitch. Instructions are written out and charted.

Gods Eye Mitts Knitting Pattern

God’s Eye Mitts

Stranded colorwork makes off-centered God’s eye motifs on the back of the hand and palm. Button the cuff and you have a snug, warm accessory.

Knitting Pattern - Lace Fingerless Gloves

Lace Fingerless Gloves

These elegant gloves only use one ball of worsted weight yarn.

Get the knitting pattern for $5.00

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