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Multi-Purpose Knitting Patterns

by | May 16, 2016 | Accessories, Featured

Knitting patterns for convertible, multi-purpose, multi-functional garments, accessories, decor and more

These convertible knitting projects transform and morph change into completely different accessories or garments with easy adjustments.

To get the knitting patterns, scroll down the page to the individual pattern you want and click on the link to that pattern.

These patterns are not my designs but links to other designers who have generously shared their patterns. If you have questions about how to knit a specific pattern, please contact the designer directly.

All links on this site are for informational purposes, but please note that some links are to affiliate sellers that pay me a small commission on purchases.

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for Armwarmer / Sock Bun

Armwarmer / Sock Bun

The Bun & Bow accessory are bow-embellished fingerless mitts that transform into an easy bun hairstyle. Roll the mitts into a donut shape and then roll your ponytail around the donut to form a bun. Secure with the bow bobby pin.  DK yarn. Designed by Derya Davenport for Laylock

Free Knitting Pattern for Five-Way Cable Shrug

Free Knitting Pattern for Five-Way Cable Shrug

Free Knitting Pattern for Five-Way Cable Shrug

Five-Way Cable Shrug

This versatile cable piece can be worn as a shrug, wrap, poncho, or stole. One of the patterns in the free ebook The Art of Cable Knitting: 7 Free Patterns. Designed by Lily M. Chin. 16″ wide x 54″ long (40.5 x 137 cm). Aran weight yarn.

Free Knitting Pattern for Versatility Multi-Purpose Accessory


This cabled scarf with buttons along the side and added ribbons can turn into a cardigan, shrug, hood, and more. Bulky yarn. Designed by Amanda Williams for Knitty

Free Knitting Pattern for Strange Loop

Strange Loop

This recipe for a versatlie twisted loop can be worn many different ways. It can be worn as a cowl or pushed up on the head as a headband. Arrange the twists at one end, this can be worn as a hat or as a wide headband with a hole to create a messy bun or ponytail hat. Designed by Morgen Dämmerung. Available in English and Russian. Pictured project by loopysue

Free knitting pattern for Makiko belly warmer, cowl, hood multi-purpose


Cirilia Rose’s versatile garment was inspired by the Japanese belly warmers known as haramaki, that keep vital organs covered to warm the entire body. It has been cleverly designed so it can be layered over your regular clothes to add warmth and style, and also serve as cowl or hood. And it’s reversible! XS (S, M, L, 1X, 2X, 3X)

Free Knitting Pattern for Gennaio Basket

Gennaio Basket / Hat

Here’s a fun multi-purpose project for a mitered container inspired by origami. This versatile project can be used as storage if reinforced with cardboard or even worn as a hat. Dimensions: about cm 20.5 x 12 x 16.5h but easy to adjust. Designed by Alice Liotto. Available in English and Italian.

Free knitting pattern for Convertible Accessory Cowl Vest Tunic


Convertible Halter, Tunic, Cowl, Scarf

Suzanne Resaul’s design is the ultimate multi-purpose accessory. The number of ways it can be worn seem almost endless. The pictured project by ANjELLA shortened the rib sections for even more versatility.

Free knitting pattern for Avonia convertibale cardigan

Avonia Cardigan

Rachel Søgaard designed this versatile cardigan that can be worn in at least two ways: either as a shorter waist length style or as a longer hip length one, just by turning it upside down. The collar can also be worn as a shawl or cowl collar. Sizes S/M (L) XL/XXL Available in English, German, and Danish

Free knitting pattern for Trout River sweater with removable sleeves

Trout River Sweater With Removable Sleeves

Anyone who loves camping or the mountains will appreciate this sweater by Becky Herrick. Buttoned removable sleeves transform the sweater into a vest as the day warms up. And you can even wear the sleeves as leg warmers! Chest: 29[33, 37, 41, 45, 49, 53] inches.

Free knitting pattern for Urban Homesteader Hat

Urban Homesteader Hat

Here’s a clever hat design from Christy Varner fits any hairstyle! Open the middle flap for a ponytail, open the side flaps for pigtails or wear as a beanie for short hair. In child and adult sizes.

Free knitting pattern for Camden Top with convertible removable sleeves


Ashley Adams Moncrief designed this flattering top with the practical yet decorative removable sleeves. The top can be worn with or without the sleeves and the detachable sleeves can be worn as arm warmers. Sizes XS[S, M, L, 1X, 2X, 3X]

Free knitting pattern for multi-way stole

Multi-way Stole

This lace stole by Sarah Hatton can be worn as a scarf, shrug, cape, poncho or bolero depending on how it is buttoned. One of the 22 designs from the book Scarves, Shrugs and Shawls

Free knitting pattern for Duet Hat that transforms to a Cowl

Duet Hat / Cowl

This beautiful leaf lace scarf by Linda Wilgus morphs into hat by fastening the buttons and tightening a ribbon threaded through the top edge.

Free knitting pattern for Convertible Shrug Cowl

Snapped Convertible Cowl/Shrug

Lion Brand Yarn’s accessory transforms with strategically placed snaps. Knit as a single rectangle, just seam and add snaps to get multiple options. Unsnapped it becomes a cowl. Snapping all the snaps creates arm holes for a shrug.

Free knitting pattern for Car Blanket that transforms to Pillow

© handmadezen

Car Blanket / Pillow

This warm blanket, designed by Kim Hamlin, easily folds into a convenient travel size to be used as a pillow. Featured in YarnPlay and shared by Lion Brand. Pictured project is by humerusknits.

Free knitting pattern for Chameleon convertible hat headband cowl balaclava hood

© frockfarie


Zeph Kane’s ingenious design can be worn as a hat, hood, balaclava, cowl, headband and more. Pictured project is by frockfarie

Triplet Shawl

Laura of designed this versatile arm knit project that can be worn as shawl, scarf or swimsuit cover-up. Five complementary colors of worsted weight yarn are arm knit together in a triangle — a unique shape for arm knitting that inspired Laura to figure out how to do decreases and increases in arm knitting.

Free knitting pattern for Sliding Star - converts from star shape to bracelet

Sliding Star

Frankie Brown does it again with design based on a origami pattern! A star shape slides into a ring shape and back again. Wear as a brooch and then slide into a bracelet. Frankie requests that you consider a donation to the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation at if you like her patterns. Great stash buster!

Free knitting pattern for Chicken and Egg Which Came First toy

Which Came First?

You don’t have to choose with Frankie Brown’s humorous transforming toy. The egg fits inside the chicken, turn it inside out and the chicken’s in the egg. The chicken is about 11 cm tall and it can hold a real egg or a treat egg.

Patterns for Purchase

Knitting Pattern for Convertible Tunic / Bolero

Convertible Tunic / Bolero

This multiweave pullover can be worn a variety of ways including tank, cardigan, and more. Sizes size S-XXL. Knit in stockinette. Designed by ToBeStudio who says the pattern is suitable for beginners.

Knitting Pattern for Demetria Cowl

Demetria Cowl

knit.wear Fall/Winter 2017Demetria Cowl is a generously-sized and luxurious scarf with subtle cables on a ribbed background. The simple button closure at the ends transforms the long scarf into an infinity scarf, which can be looped twice for a cozy and warm cowl or worn over the shoulders like a shawl. Designed by Susanna IC. One of the patterns in knit.wear Fall/Winter 2017

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Knitting Pattern for Carol Cowl Poncho

Carol Cowl

This versatile cowl can be worn lace top or bottom, as an infinity scarf, wrapped up around the neck, or down over the shoulders as capelet / poncho. It has three different stitch patterns – texture, easy slip stitch colorwork, and lace.

Knitting pattern for Capelet Tank Top versatile

Capelet Tank

Cathy Carron designed this versatile top that can be worn many different ways. The sweeping circular collar becomes a dramatic cowl, a modern capelet, or a romantic hood over a single tank. Finished bust: 36¼ (39¼, 43½, 46¼)”

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Knitting pattern for 3 in 1 sweater cardigan

Multiwear Cardigan

ToBeStudio designs amazing multiwear patterns that can be worn many different ways. For example, turned one way the cardigan turns into a long hooded coat. Arranged another way it becomes a short jacket with a large collar.

Knitting pattern for Triangle Convertible Bowl

4-Way Bowl

This colorful Triangle Color-Blocked Bowl is multi-functional. It can be folded and refolded to create a reversible bowl, basket or tray. You can unfold it and refold it based on your needs and at 8 inches in diameter it is the perfect size to be used to hold knitting projects, fruit, bread, or even as a super useful catchall.

Knitting pattern for convertible cardigan multi-wear

Convertible Cardigan

ToBeStudio designs amazing multiwear patterns that can be worn many different ways.

Knitting Pattern for Elephant / Lion Topsy Turvy Flip Toy

Elephant / Lion Flip Toy

This Elephant to Lion is a topsy turvy toy. Just turn one of the animal buddies inside out to see the new animal. Designed by Susan B. Anderson. Pictured project by maryeh

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