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Lovey Security Blanket Knitting Patterns

by | Nov 29, 2015 | Baby, Baby Blankets, Featured

Knitting patterns for Lovey Blanket Buddies for babies also known as lovie, comfort blanket, blanket toy, blankie, security blanket, woobie, cuddle. Most of the patterns are free

There are almost as many names for these cute cuddly blanket toys as there are patterns! Whether you call them buddy blanket, lovey, lovie, comfort blanket, blanket toy, blankie, security blanket, woobie, cuddle or something else, these are perfect shower gifts and new baby toys. Sized just right for a quick project and tiny hands!

To get the patterns, scroll down to the individual pattern you want and click on the link.

For more baby blanket patterns, see

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for Teddy Bear Lovey

Teddy Bear Lovey

Cute security blanket for babies designed by Nancy Anderson for Red Heart.

Free Knitting Pattern for Bunny Lovey

Bunny Lovey

Cute security blanket designed by Jada Young

Free knitting pattern for Puppy Lovey Blanket and more blanket buddy knitting patterns

© Wenditouie

Puppy Lovey

Designed by Rachel Hill, this baby blanket buddy is knit in the round.

Free knitting pattern for Dragon lovey baby blanket buddy

© twizzler58

Dragon Buddy Blanket

Ruth Bramley’s lovey comfort blanket features a knot stitch that resembles scales.

Free knitting pattern for Bunny Cuddly Blankie lovey

Bunny Mini Cuddly Blankie

Pat Alinejad designed this lovey sized 11 inches/28cms square/diameter.

Yoda Buddy Blanket Free Knitting Pattern and more Star Wars inspired knitting patterns

Yoda Buddy Blanket

Lovey comfort blanket designed by Holly Pinzin for bulky yarn.

Minion Cuddly (Lovey)

This minion lovey or buddy blanket is designed by Elaine Okupski. You could do a two-eyed minion, make his smile different, make his hair different. About 14″ from top to bottom – can be made longer or shorter by adding or subtracting rows to “skirt”

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Free knitting pattern for Lamby Blanket Buddy

© BAMsZoo


Tanis Gray’s lamb lovey or buddy blanket looks cuddly in plush bulky yarn. About 23″ High, this blankie folds in toward the center to look like a hug.

Free knitting pattern for Bunny BBF lovey comfort woobie baby blanket


Avadore designed this bunny BBF = Baby’s Best Friend with tied off paws.

Frog Lovey

Kerstin Seidenath’s cuddly blankie has been adapted by knitters as a duckling, hippo, caterpillar and more.

Free knitting pattern for Elephant Lovie and more security blanket buddy knitting patterns

Elephant Lovie

Thora Bey designed this blanket buddy. The body is knit flat and then the head and legs are sewn on at the center.

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Free knitting pattern for Owl Loveys baby blanket buddy

Owl Loveys

MJay’s design is based on the Lion Brand Bunny Buddy above.

Bunny Lovey Blankie Free Knitting Pattern | Free Quick Easter Knitting Patterns at

Cuddly Bunny Lovey

This baby blankie is based on a Norwegian pattern with English translation.

Free knitting pattern for Bear Buddy Blanket


Sharon Maher’s design is both a teddy and a blanket, worked in a simple garter stitch. Use a furry yarn for maximum impact. Length: 51 cm (20 in) Width: 36 cm (14 ¼ in)

Free knitting pattern for Bunny Buddy Blanket lovey woobie

© wesben

Bunny Buddy Blanket

This is the classic Lion Brand design. The body is knit flat with increases and decreases creating the diamond shape. The head is a double knit square that is then stuffed. Optional paws are cast on stitches that are knotted. Depending on your gauge, the diamond can be square or elongated.

Free knitting pattern for Kitty Baby Blanket Buddy


Kitty Baby Blanket Buddy

Hattie Tavares designed the pattern for this lovey that uses less than an ounce of any fingering or sport weight yarn that’s baby friendly.

Free knitting Hello Kitty buddy blanket

Hello Kitty Cuddly

Jane Bond’s variation on Elizabeth LeBlanc’s Lapin pattern comes with detailed instructions and photos.

Free knitting pattern for Binky Buddy pacifier holder

Binky Buddy

Julie Ross designed this easy pacifier holder, bib, blanket combo with an easy button fastener.

Free Knitting Pattern for Chicken Lovey

Chicken Buddy Blanket

Ruth Bramley designed this lovey comfort blanket. Pictured project by minky

Patterns for Purchase


Knitting Pattern for Duckie Lovey

Duckie Lovey

This rubber duckie blanket buddy can double as a puppet because the head is hollow. Perfect baby shower gift. The designer HugKnits says you can sell items made from this pattern!

Knitting Pattern for Elephant Lovey Baby Blankety

Elephant Lovey

Baby Pears Blanket Buddy is approximately 12 inches wide spread out and 10 inches in length.

Knitting pattern for Mini Cuddly Blankies with bear, dog, elephant, duck, and monkey

Mini Cuddly Blankies

The finished blanket measures just 11 inches/28cms, just right for babies. There are 5 characters included in this package: Bear, Monkey, Elephant, Duck, and Puppy Puppy

Knitting Patterns for Animal Lovies

Animal Lovies

Choose from 10 designs by Yolanda Soto-Lopez of Brown Bear, Bunny, Lamb, Penguin, Duck, Owl, Puppy, Kitten, Panda, and Giraffe. Each lovie consists of a 12-inch square blanket with the stuffed animal head and arms (or wings) attached at the center.

Knitting patterns for blanket buddies using Top This Yarn

Top This! Blanket Buddies

This collection of patterns couldn’t be easier. Just buy a ball of Top This! yarn with the cute animal head included and knit up a lovey. Pattern includes instructions for monkey, puppy, and kitten, but I’m sure you could substitute one of the other animal yarns such as giraffe, owl, teddy bear, and more.

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Knitting pattern for Penguin blanket buddy lovey and more security blanket knitting patterns

Penguin Security Blanket Lovey

The blanket portion is knit flat in garter stitch for great tactile stimulation, head is knit both in the round and back & forth for the charted colorwork portion. I’d put stuffing in the head but that’s a personal  preference.

Fox Lovey

Fox Lovey

This fox security blanket is huggable blankie perfect gift for baby showers and new babies. Can double as a hand puppet because the head is open.

Knitting pattern for Princess Toy Blankie

Princess Toy Blankie

Princess Scarlett is a small blankie toy with a lovely lace pattern that looks like a ball gown. I’d make it blue and have an Elsa Blankie!

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