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Minion Inspired Knitting Patterns

by | Jul 9, 2015 | Featured, Movie and TV

Minions inspired Knitting Patterns, many free minion patterns for hats, toys, phone covers, mittens, more at

These knitting patterns are made by Minions fans of Minions and their Despicable Me pals. See more fan-made Minions projects of all kinds at the official Minions movie site

Visit the official Minions Movie site

This page is presented out of love for Minions and knitting and it not endorsed by Illumination Entertainment or Universal Studios who hold the rights to the Minions.

Free Knitting Patterns

Free knitting pattern for Minion softies plush toys

Minion Softies

These softies designed by Crafty CC are 12″ tall. The body, limbs, eye(s), and overalls of the minion are all separately worked, then sewn together.

Free knitting patterns for Minion Socks

© strickratte

Minion Socks

Sandrine Rousseau designed these socks with instructions for sizes baby to adult.


Free knitting pattern for Minion in maid costume

What the Butler Saw…Knitted Maid Minion

Jane Burns designed this hilarious mischievous minion in a maid’s costume. 17cm tall

Minion Cell Phone Cover

Designed by Jenny Riley, the main phone cover piece is knitted in the round which makes a seamless and safe phone cozy. The eyes and mouth are crocheted, but you can knit circles for the eyes instead, or cut them out of felt, and a knitted i-cord would work just as well for the mouth.

Get the free knitting pattern


Minion Mittens

Amanda Drover-Hartwick designed these mittens for  sizes 2-3 year old, 4-6 year old, 7-9 year old, 10-13 year old. Eyes are knit circles.

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Free Knitting Pattern for Minion Booties

Minion Booties

This design by Magik Pôpô is in French but if you scroll down the page you will see an English translation. For ages 6-12 months. Knit in sport weight yarn.


Minion Cuddly (Lovey)

This minion lovey or buddy blanket is designed by Elaine Okupski. About 14″ from top to bottom – can be made longer or shorter by adding or subtracting rows to “skirt”


Your Own Personal Minion

This tiny minion by Kat Lewinski is only 4 inches tall. His eyes are painted buttons.

Get the free knitting pattern


Minion Fingerless Gloves

Juanita McLellan designed these gloves for DK yarn.

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Tiny Minion

Kelly Vu designed the tiniest minion when you need a minion for a small space!

Free Knitting Pattern for Minion Beanie Hat

Minion Beanie Hat

Stana D.Sortor designed this all knit hat in three sizes. Finished measurement approximately 16” (41cm) small, 19” (48cm) medium, and 22” (56cm) large in circumference unstretched.

Minion Ear Flap Hats

Knit yellow minions or evil purple minions in child or adult sizes with this design by Gem Ranch. Sizes 3-6 month baby; Youth; Adult

Free knitting pattern for Minion Cushion pillow

Minion Cushion

Designed by Homespooled

Free knitting pattern for Minion iPad Cozy

Minion iPad Cozy

Juanita McLellan designed this cover that fits iPads even with a case. Arms are optional.


Free knitting pattern for Evil Minion tablet cover

Evil Minion iPad or Tablet Cover

Stana D.Sortor designed this cover that is  knitted from the bottom up in the round, with goggles knitted separately and sewn on.Tablet cover is 8 ¼” (21cm) wide and 11 ½” (29cm) long. I-pad cover is 8 ¼” (21cm) wide and 9 ½” (24cm) long.

Free Knitting Pattern for Minion Pencil Box or Pouch

Minion Pencil Box, Clutch or Bag

Stana D.Sortor designed this pencil box to be knitted flat in stockinette. The eyes are knitted separately and sewn on.. Finished size: Pencil box is 9” (23cm) wide and 5 ½” (15cm) tall.

Free Knitting Pattern for Evil Purple Minion

Evil Minion Softie

Stana D. Sortor designed this 9″ evil version of the Minions to be knitted in the round. The arms and legs are sewn on.
Stan used Caron Simply Soft Grape for the body, 1 ball of Lion Brand Fun Fur for hair, and remnants for the other colors.

Minion Tablet or I-Pad Cover

Stana D. Sortor does it again! The pattern is knitted from the bottom up in the round, with goggles knitted separately and sewn on.Tablet cover is 8 ¼” (21cm) wide and 11 ½” (29cm) long. I-pad cover is 8 ¼” (21cm) wide and 9 ½” (24cm) long.

Get the free knitting pattern

Get the recommended yarn at Patternworks

Minion Ear Flap Hat with Braids

Juanita McLellan designed this minion hat that is knitted in the round with crocheted eyes (though eyes can be made with felt). Sized for teen/adult.

Get the free knitting pattern


Free Knitting Pattern for Minion Slippers

Minion Slippers

Juanita McLellan designed these slippers for DK yarn.

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For Purchase

Knitting Patterns for Minions Toys

4 Minions Toys

These patterns for Bob, Stuart, Kevin, and the Crazy Purple Minion can be bought as a set or individually. The patterns are flat knit on two needles. The finished toys are approximately 24cm-45cm tall.

Knitting Pattern for Minion Baby Set

Minion Baby Set

This Minion-inspired baby set includes dungarees / overalls, a raglan sweater, boots and beanie hat. The set will fit babies up to 6 months or 20-24″ reborn dolls. Instructions are included make the eye with circles of felt.

Knitting Pattern for Minion Santa

Minion Santa

This knitting pattern for a Minion dressed as Father Christmas is knit flat on straight needles.Size 30 cms in height. (12 inches).

10 Minion Knitting Patterns

Patterns include Hats, Accessories, Slippers, Gloves, Toys and Cozies.

Get the knitting 10 pattern set at Etsy for $10


Minion Scarf Knitting Pattern

Minion Scarf

This all knit pattern comes with instructions for One Eyed Minion and Two Eyed Minion features, you can make both minions on the scarf Two Eyed, One Eyed or mix it up and have one of each. Pattern is for Child size but can easily be converted to any length. Lots of pictures to help you along the way.

Get the Minion scarf knitting pattern at Etsy

Bum in a minion baby and toddler leggings Pattern

Minion Baby and Toddler Leggings

2 sizes (9-18months and 1.5-2.5 yrs) it has 2 types of bottoms on the legs (basque as shown in the pictures or bell bottoms). Instructions for 1 or 2 eyed minions (eye instructions are crochet but some of the free patterns on these page have instructions for knit eyes).


Knitting Patterns for One or Two Eyed Minion Toy with Banana

One- or Two-Eyed Minion with Banana

These patterns are sold separately. The One-Eyed Stu toy is 19 cm (7.5 inches) tall, banana is 11 cm (4.3 inches) long. The Two-Eyed Bo toy is 15 cm (5.9 inches) tall


Knitting Pattern for Minion Earflap Hats

Minion Earflap Hats

This pattern comes with instructions for a variety of eyes and mouths as well as adorably cute hands or braided ties to tie the hats.
Pattern is for 2 sizes: 3-8 years, 8-Adult


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