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Clutch Knitting Patterns

by | Apr 29, 2017 | Accessories, Bags, Purses, Totes, Featured

Knitting Patterns for Clutch Bags. Most patterns are free

These small handheld bags are great for carrying a few items for an evening out or special occasion like a wedding, or for keeping your purse or tote organized.

To get the knitting patterns, scroll down the page to the individual pattern you want and click on the link to that pattern.

These patterns are not my designs but links to other designers who have generously shared their patterns. If you have questions about how to knit a specific pattern, please contact the designer directly.

All links on this site are for informational purposes, but please note that some links are to affiliate sellers that pay me a small commission on purchases.

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for Ashley Cable Clutch Bag

Ashley Cable Clutch Bag

Cabled clutch is knit in two identical rectangles sewed together with a lining, a zipper, some beads. Designed by Celia Cheng.

Free Knitting Pattern for Entrelac Notions Keeper

Entrelac Notions Keeper

Small clutch takes a few hours to knit according to knitters. Designed by Emily Warren. Pictured project by sajrsteph who added an i-cord edge and strap and used 1 skein of yarn.

Free Knitting Pattern for Reverse Stockinette Ruffle Bag

Reverse Stockinette Ruffle Bag

inspired by the Fendi bag Andy carries in the Devil Wears Prada, this clutch was designed to be easy enough for beginners to follow. Designed by Cam Banks

Free Knitting Pattern for Chinese Waves Pouch

Chinese Waves Pouch

Clutch knit in a 4 row repeat slip stitch pattern. Approximately 5″ wide and 3.5″ tall when closed but can easily be customized for a larger or smaller size. Designed by Tamara Kelly.

Free Knitting Pattern for Sundance Bag

Sundance Bag

Clutch with flap in seed stitch. 7” wide x 4½“ tall. Worsted weight wool yarn. Designed by  Joëlle Meier Rioux. Pictured project by BetsyJo

Free Knitting Pattern for Cleo Clutch

Cleo Clutch

Felted cabled clutch 9.5 inches wide and 5.25 inches tall with flap closed, after felting. Worsted weight wool yarn. Designed by Chrissy Gardiner. Pictured project by labross who felted in one cycle

Free Knitting Pattern for 1 Row Repeat Tassel Clutch

Tassel Clutch

The Knitted purse with beads and tassel features a 1 row repeat stitch pattern. Finished size: 21 cm x 13 cm x 2 cm. Designed by Gabriela Lupu

Free Knitting Pattern for Coco Clutch

CoCo Clutch

The lattice work cable pattern mimics the quilted look of the classic Chanel bag. Designed by Janine Le Cras. Pictured projects by knittynic and neets222

Free Knitting Pattern for Moss Stitch Clutch

Moss Stitch Clutch

This Hornbag’s Corn bag is knit with 2 strands of sport yarn in moss stitch. Designed by Nicole Thorson

Free Knitting Pattern for Mamie Clutch

Mamie Clutch

Basketweave stitch bag uses just 131 – 137 yards (120 – 125 m) of DK yarn. Designed by Rosalind Aymes

Free Knitting Pattern for Geometric Clutch

Geometric Clutch

Small bag with bright intarsia graphic design. Size 14cm tall, 28cm wide at base, and 2cm deep. Pochette géométrique designed by Elise Eudes. Sport yarn. Available in English and French

Free Knitting Pattern and Class for Crossbody Clutch

Crossbody Clutch

Great use for that special stash yarn! The designer Cirilia Rose demonstrates an easy way to do a provisional cast on, then shows you how to create the body of the bag in the round, finishing off with attaching the metal closures.This bag is made with both a detachable chain and a detachable wrist-strap, so it can be worn as a crossbody purse or used as a wrist clutch. Pattern and instructional video class available for free with a free trial at Creativebug OR purchase pattern and class individually.

Two options to get the pattern

Free Knitting Pattern for Downtown Clutch

Downtown Clutch

This bag features woven basketweave cable trim, deeply ruched body, and wrist strap. Size 10″x 5″. Designed by Cirilia Rose. DK yarn. Pictured project by lolamama

Free knitting pattern for Easy Bag clutch in super bulky yarn

Anything Pouch

Mama in a Stitch created this easy pouch pattern knit in broken rib stitch with super bulky yarn. Great stash buster!

Free Knitting Pattern for Lovely Lace Clutch

Lovely Lace Clutch

Lined lace clutch purse with flap takes just 156 yards – one skein – of fingering weight yarn. Size 7 3/4″ x 4 3/4″. Designed by Lois Young, this pattern is one of the 53 patterns in the book Easy as 1-2-3 Skeins.

Free Knitting Pattern for Herringbone Foldover Clutch

Herringbone Foldover Clutch

Super bulky fabric yarn in an easy stitch gives Heidi Gustad’s design durability and style.

Free Knitting Pattern for Fringe Clutch Bag

 Fringe Clutch Bag

Easy garter stitch purse by Gina Michele is a quick knit in bulky yarn. I’ve used the recommended Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn and it’s great to work with.

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Free Knitting Pattern for Easy Giant Yarn Clutch

Easy Giant Yarn Clutch

Mama in a Stitch created this easy bag that is a quick plush knit in super bulky yarn.

Free Knitting Pattern for Smart Phone Case

Smart Phone Case

Designed by Audrey Kerchner, this clutch-style case is done in seed stitch and a dressy way to carry your phone.

Easy Clutch Handbag Free Knitting Pattern | Bag, Purse, and Tote Free Knitting Patterns at

Easy Clutch Handbag

This pattern for a clutch that measures 16.5cm width x 10cm tall (11cm wrist strap) includes videos.

Get the free knitting pattern

Free knitting pattern for Jack Russell Clutch dog purse knitting pattern and more dog knitting patternsJack Russell Clutch

Squirrel Picnic designed this dog inspired purse. Lots of pictures and instructions on felting, lining, and assembling the purse as well as knitting it. Finished size (after felting): 14″ wide by 5 1/4″ tall

Patterns for Purchase

Knitting Pattern for Golden Tassel Clutch

Golden Tassel Clutch

Textured clutch with central cable woven with ribbon and finished with tassel. Finished size: 8.7″/22cm wide, 5.1″/13cm high. Designed by creationsbyeve who also offers the finished bags for sale

Knitting Pattern for Woven Cable Clutch Bag

Woven Cable Clutch Bag

Easy cabled bag with knitted handle. Creates a small bag sized approx W20cm x H14cm plus Handle. DK yarn. Designed by Kezylou

Knitting Pattern for Scallop of the Sea Clutch

Scallop of the Sea Clutch

Foldover bag is stranded knitting in the round. Finished Size: 13” by 11”, folded. 13” by 18”, unfolded. Designed by Katie Canavan

Knitting Pattern for Pearla Clutch

Pearla Clutch

Knitted flower lace edge with beads decorates the flap of this clutch bag knit in fingering weight yarn. Designed by An Irish Knit Odyssey

Knitting Pattern for Portland Plaid City Clutch

Portland Plaid City Clutch

Felted bag can be knit in one color, plaid, or stripes. This bag has no seams to sew and you only knit with one color of yarn at a time! Bag can be made in two sizes: Finished Size: 12.5” wide, 8” high, 2.5” deep or Finished Size: 17” wide, 9” high, 4.75” deep Designed by Lavender Hill Knits

Knitting Pattern for Aviatrix Clutch or Tablet Cover

Aviatrix Clutch or Tablet Cover

This clutch features a bold birdcage cable on a background of garter stitch. 2 sizes 6 x 9 inches and 8 x 11 inches. Quick knit in bulky yarn. Designed by Sarah Wilson

Knitting Pattern for Dancette Clutch

Dancette Clutch

Sleek clutch worked in intarsia cable panels. Worsted weight. Finished size is 10″ x 4 1/2″.  Designed by Jill Wright

Free Knitting Pattern for Leafy Clutch

Leafy Clutch

Leaf clutch created by knitting two panels and sewing them together. Add a purse frame and lining to give your clutch a finished

Knitting pattern for T-shirt Clutch made with t-shirt yarn

T-shirt Yarn Clutch

Knit a small purse with recycled t-shirt yarn. The size of the clutch is 33 x16 cm.

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