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Hats With Bills and Brims Knitting Patterns

by | May 30, 2015 | Featured, Hats

Knitting patterns for hats with brims and bills including newsboy, driving cap, and more



Hats with brims and bills to keep you stylish and protected at the same time. A variety of styles are included such as newsboy, deerstalker variations, English driving cap and more.


To get the knitting patterns, scroll down the page to the individual pattern you want and click on the link to that pattern.

These patterns are not my designs but links to other designers who have generously shared their patterns. If you have questions about how to knit a specific pattern, please contact the designer directly.

All links on this site are for informational purposes, but please note that some links are to affiliate sellers that pay me a small commission on purchases.

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for Hanako Floppy Hat

Hanako Floppy Hat

Perfect hat for warmer weather. You can wear the floppy brim down or pinned up. Worsted weight yarn. Designed by Classic Elite Yarns

Cabled Chapeau Free Hat Knitting Pattern | More Hats With Brims Knitting Patterns at

Cabled Chapeau

This is one of my most popular pins. Hat circumference is 22”. One size fits most women. Use the top of a whipped cream container for the brim.

Free knitting pattern for English Driving Cap Ivy Cap

Morgan English Driving Cap

This version of the classic English Driving Cap or Ivy Cap is designed by Anne Kuo Lukito has a unique one piece construction that is shaped with short rows. It comes in two sizes to fit most men and women.

Free knitting pattern for Capitan Hat

Capitan Hat

Rosi Garmendia’s cabled hat with brim can be customized for sizes from child to adult. Quick knit in bulky yarn. The designer says it can be knit in a couple of hours.

Mulberry Hat Free Hat Knitting Pattern | More Hats With Brims Knitting Patterns at

Mulberry Hat

Designed by Kristina McGowan to be easy, cheerful, and elegant, this hat has  band of matching elastic trim sewn to the outside to accentuate the close fit at the top of the head and the slightly flared brim. From the book Modern Top-Down Knitting.

Ponder Free Hat Knitting Pattern | Sun Hat Knitting Patterns at

Ponder Hat

Designed by Talitha Kuomi, this unisex retro-cool hat has enough class to be appropriate for daytime, but has enough “hip” to hold its own under the club lights between sets late into the night.

Free knitting pattern for Brimster Beanie

Brimster Beanie

Vickie Howell designed this billed hat with interesting ribbing patterns.

Free knitting pattern for Newsboy Cap and matching fingerless gloves

Newsboy Cap and Mitts

Grace Alexander’s hat and fingerless gloves set are quick knits in super bulky yarn.



Free knitting pattern for Buggerloo Hat

© rebkeys

Buggerloo Hat

Crystal Breaux’s cabbie or newsboy hat comes in two sizes: Small (toddler) and Large (child, small adult)

Lana D’Oro Alpaca Knit Stalker Hat

Susie Bonell designed this modern take on the stalker hat.

Free knitting pattern for Tempos Headcoat newsboy style hat

Tempos Headcoat

This newsboy style hat by Mona Mono can also be pulled down over the ears like a beanie.

Free knitting pattern for Brimming Hat with fold up brim


Lori Puthoff designed this hat with a fold up brim.

Free knitting pattern for Topi Hat and more knitting patterns for men

Topi Hat

Jennifer Tallapaneni designed this unisex hat that is worked from the top down all in one piece, including the brim. Sizes S[M, L]

 Free knitting pattern for Appi Slopes Hat with brim and bill

Appi Slopes

Melissa Mall’s hat is perfect for winter sports with its head hugging ribbed sides that turn a face protecting brim.

Free knitting pattern for Cabled Hat With Brim

Cabled Hat With Brim

Melissa Schaschwary’s hat is a great stash buster as well as a way to keep warm

Free knitting pattern for News Girl Cap with lace pattern

News Girl Cap

Vicki Finster’s loosely fitting cap features a soft brim and an easy spiraling lacy type design that swirls to the center of the top.

Free knitting pattern for cadet hat for children

Kiddie Cadet

Alice Schnebly’s cadet hat is knit from the bottom up in the round, and the bill is added later with a short row technique.

Patterns for Purchase

Knitting pattern for Adult and Child Freelyn brimmed hat

Freelyn Brim Hat

In Adult and Child sizes, this hat is knit with two strands of worsted yarn together.

Knitting Pattern for Copenhagen Hat and Scarf Set

Copenhagen Hat and Scarf Set

Stylish Knits You'll LoveThis cabled hat with visor and matching scarf are included in Stylish Knits You’ll Love by Melissa Leapman. Available as Digital Download or Paperback.

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Knitting pattern for Camden Cap hat with bill or brim

Camden Cap

This hat with a classic brim comes in 4 sizes. Great for multi-color yarn!

Knitting pattern for Driving or Newsboy Capt

Scally Driver’s Cap

This driving or newsboy style cap comes in baby, child, and adult sizes.

Knitting pattern for Honeysuckle Hat featuring cables and brim

Honeysuckle Hat

Nicole Montgomery was inspired by the hats worn by Samantha in Foyle’s War to create this hat.

Knitting pattern for adult rasta hat

Adult Rasta Hat

An easy pattern that can be knit up in a weekend or less.

Regina Hat Knitting Pattern | More Hats With Brims Knitting Patterns at

Regina Hat Knitting Pattern

Wow. Just wow. Designed by Julie Gantz LeFrancois, this dramatic stylish twist on the iconic sun hat uses millinery wire to give the brim any shape you choose.

Hat Pattern, Knitting Pattern, PDF 155 Knitting Hat Pattern, Arabella Hat and Headband Cables, Tam, Beret, Brimmed Hat, Bucket Hat, Cloche

Arabella Hat With Cabled Brim

A cabled brim, cabled crown, and band create a stylish unique hat. A pattern for a matching headband is included.

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Terry Matz

meTerry is a knitting late-bloomer, learning to knit as an adult from Internet tutorials, because she wanted a craft that was useful, fun, and portable. Knitting hats for cancer patients inspired her to design her own patterns—available for free at her blog, Terry met her husband Ken at a science fiction convention and moved to the Kansas City area to be with him more than 30 years ago. Terry supports her yarn stash by creating websites and other digital media. Terry firmly believes in Knitting in Public—it's a great conversation starter!

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