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Fun Hats Knitting Patterns

by | Sep 19, 2015 | Featured, Hats

Fun Hat Knitting Patterns free novelty costume hat knitting patterns



Looking for a fun costume idea or a great gift for a fan? Or a way to cheer someone who has lost their hair? Try these knitting patterns for novelty hats.



To get the knitting patterns, scroll down the page to the individual pattern you want and click on the link to that pattern.

These patterns are not my designs but links to other designers who have generously shared their patterns. If you have questions about how to knit a specific pattern, please contact the designer directly.

All links on this site are for informational purposes, but please note that some links are to affiliate sellers that pay me a small commission on purchases.

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for Tasmanian Devil Hat

Tasmanian Devil Hat

Beanie with colorwork of favorite cartoon character. Designed by Knitty Emma

Free Knitting Pattern for Transformers Hat

Free Knitting Pattern for Transformers Hat

Transformers Hat

This hat pattern comes with  Autobot and Decepticon charts to choose from or knit both! Designed by Lori Magnus. Pictured project by gbina

Free Knitting Pattern for Knight HelmetKnight Helmet

This helmet balaclava features bobble rivets and a visor that can be worn up or down. Designed by Maggie van der Stok

[Free Knitting Pattern for Birthday Hat

Birthday Hat

Traditional celebration hat in knit form by Carey Huffman. Crochet version also available.



Who need to buy a wig when you can knit one using this awesome hat pattern designed by Megan Reardon for

A free pattern for a knit Viking Hat by Becka... | Stitchery Witchery

Viking Hat

Designed by Becky Veverka of Chile Con Yarne.

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Sock Monkey Hat

Designed by Sheryl Lange

Free knitting pattern for Knight's Helmet

Knight’s Helmet

Urban fantasy author Devon Monk created this knit version of medieval knight’s armor.

Live Long and Keep Warm Free Knitting Pattern and more fun hat knitting patterns

Live Long and Keep Warm Hat

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Mountain Man Bearded Hat Free Knitting Pattern and other fun hat knitting patterns

© ladyokami

Mountain Man Bearded Hat

Designed by Kate Agner, this classic bearded hat has variations from well-groomed to Robinson Crusoe!

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Cupcake Hat

[widget id=”black-studio-tinymce-13″]Elvis Wig Hat Free Knitting Pattern and more fun hat knitting patterns

Knitted Elvis Wig



Free Knitting Pattern - Brain Hat Thinking Cap -You will need: 5mm circular needles (16inches) 5mm dpn 1 skein of Bernat Giggles Tickled Pink Tapestry needle Gauge: 24 rows x 20st = 4 inches Pattern: Cast on 76 stitches Join in round being car...

Thinking Cap

This hat is perfect for the brains you know!

Free knitting pattern for a Crown and more fun hat knitting patterns


Bronislava Slagle created this knitting pattern for a crown, one version for baby and one for larger heads, one for fingering yarn and the other for worsted. The link below leads to a blog post with links within the post for written instructions and a video tutorial.

R2D2 Beanie Free Knitting Pattern and more fun hat knitting patterns

R2D2 Beanie

Designed by Carissa Browning. Be sure to take a look at the projects — some people have even added lights to their hats.


Fish Hat

Great project for stash yarn. Replace the X in the fish eye with a dot for a pupil and you can revive your fish hat!

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Medusa Hat

Designed by Kathy Vogelhuber

Get the free knitting pattern

Mummy Hat

Mummy Hat

Shark Hat Free Knitting Pattern

Shark Hat

Adult and child sizes are available for this fierce hat designed by Allison Mcalister.

Bokaclava Hat Free Knitting Pattern and more fun hat knitting patterns


Anne-Marie Dunbar was inspired by Bok, the gargoyle/demon in a classic Doctor Who story called ‘The Daemons’.

Squid Hat Free Knitting Pattern and more fun hat knitting patterns

Giant Squid Hat

Designed by Matie Trewe

Hogwarts Sorting Hat Free Knitting Pattern | Harry Potter inspired Knitting Patterns, many free knitting patterns | These patterns are not authorized, approved, licensed, or endorsed by J.K. Rowling, her publishers, or Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

Sorting Hat

This knitting pattern inspired by Harry Potter is one of my most popular pins, designed by Diane Scott.



Free knitting pattern for Mohawk Hat and more fun hat knitting patterns

© curvyjax

My Mohawk Hat

Jackie Jaquette designed this novel variation on the earflap hat with a mohawk made from unraveled strands of bulky yarn.

Free knitting pattern for Bofur's Hat

© Emily-H

Bofur’s Hat

A trapper hat inspired by your favorite dwarf!

Patterns for Purchase

Knitting Pattern for Snowball Fight Hat

Snowball Fight Hat

A simple classic fitted beanie with a neat folded brim, and a fun playful motif of a snowball splat which is eye-catching but not complicated to make.Requires DK or light worsted weight yarn, in 2 colors. Designed by handmade by SMINÉ

Goldfish in a Bag Hat Knitting Pattern | Novelty Hat Knitting Patterns, many free patterns

Goldfish in a Bag Hat

Two sizes: infant and toddler.

Get the knitting pattern at Etsy

Charlottes Web Hat Knitting Pattern lace hat with spider

Charlotte’s Web

Adult and child sizes! Knit a lace hat with Charlotte the spider sitting on top. Perfect for Halloween too! Size: Infant (Toddler, Child/Adult Woman, Adult Man)

See more pics and get the knitting pattern on Etsy


Police Box Slouch Hat Knitting Pattern inspired by Doctor Who Tardis

Police Box Slouchy Hat

I’ve looked at a lot of Dr. Who Tardis inspired hats and in my opinion this is the best. A well-designed, very finished looking pattern with a lot of style. I begged the designer CID Hanscom to put it on Etsy so I could share it with you and she did!

Get the pattern for $6.00

See more Doctor Who inspired knitting patterns, many free patterns


Minion Ear Flap Hats

Instructions are written for toddler, children and adult sizes.

Get the knitting patterns for $3.99

See more Minion inspired patterns, many free patterns

Princess Leia Bun Hat - knitting pattern for cap with earflap buns that looks like a Leia wig - funny and warm costume headgear

Princess Leia Hat

Doubles as wig for a Leia costume and a funny earflap hat!

Get the knitting pattern for $3.00

See more Star Wars inspired knitting patterns


Gladiator Helmet Hat Knitting Pattern and more fun knitting patterns

Gladiator Helmet Hat

The pattern covers sizes XS,S, M & L so can be made for anyone from babies to adults.

Get the knitting pattern at Etsy

Powdered Wig Knitting Pattern and more fun hat knitting patterns

Knit Powdered Wig

Now that’s vintage! Unisex hat styled like an 18th century powdered wig.

Get the knitting pattern at Etsy

Duck Hat Knitting Pattern

Duck Hat

The duck hat is an ear-flap hat with integrated legs and feet. The duck feet just make me chuckle.


Thar She Blows Whale Hat Knitting Pattern and more fun hat knitting patterns

There She Blows Hat

This whale of a beanie can be made in 5 sizes ie XS,S,M,L & XL which covers anyone with a head circumference between 16-26 inches.


PATTERN - Knit Giraffe Hat

Giraffe Hat

3 sizes, Baby (13”-15” circm.),Toddler (16”-18” circm.), Adult (20”-22” circm.)

Get the knitting pattern for $10.00

Other adorable, funny animal hats available by the same designer include a frog hat, squirrel hat, monkey hat, and penguin had with wing earflaps. See all the hats.

Robot Dalek Inspired Hat Knitting Pattern

Dalek Hat

Dr. Who inspired hat.

Get the knitting pattern for $4.47

See more Doctor Who inspired knitting patterns, many free patterns

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Terry Matz

meTerry is a knitting late-bloomer, learning to knit as an adult from Internet tutorials, because she wanted a craft that was useful, fun, and portable. Knitting hats for cancer patients inspired her to design her own patterns—available for free at her blog, Terry met her husband Ken at a science fiction convention and moved to the Kansas City area to be with him more than 30 years ago. Terry supports her yarn stash by creating websites and other digital media. Terry firmly believes in Knitting in Public—it's a great conversation starter!

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