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TV Hats Knitting Patterns

by | Aug 15, 2016 | Featured

Knitting Patterns for TV Inspired Hats

To get the knitting patterns, scroll down the page to the individual pattern you want and click on the link to that pattern.

These patterns are not my designs but links to other designers who have generously shared their patterns. If you have questions about how to knit a specific pattern, please contact the designer directly.

All links on this site are for informational purposes, but please note that some links are to affiliate sellers that pay me a small commission on purchases.

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for MTM Show Tam

MTM Tam – “Who could turn the world on with her smile” MTM

One of the most famous, recognizable hats of all – the hat that Mary Tyler Moore tosses into the air at the opening of her classic show – has been recreated by Stan Jestis. Dare I say it? You might just make it (this pattern) after all. Pictured project by hooknneedler

Free Knitting Pattern for Pathways Hat

Once Upon a Time: Emma’s Dreamy Hat

Erica Harbin’s cabled beanie is a reproduction of the hat Emma wore in the Dreamy episode of Once Upon a Time. Pictured project by AnnaKristine86

Free Knitting Pattern for Opie Slouch Hat

Sons of Anarchy: Opie Slouchy Hat

Ann Weaver’s unisex slouchy beanie was inspired by the hat worn by the Opie character in Sons of Anarchy tv series.

Free Knitting Pattern for Once Upon a Time - Ruby's Beret

Once Upon a Time – Ruby’s Beret

Leslie Dalton’s slouchy tam was inspired by the hat worn by Ruby / Red Riding Hood in Once Upon a Time Season 1, Episode 11. Pictured project by rachelcreative

Free Knitting Pattern for Beckett Beret

Castle: Beckett Beret

Mary Veterano’s cable design was inspired by a hat worn by Detective Kate Beckett in the Hedge Fund Homeboys episode of Castle (episode 3 of the first season in 2009).

Free Knitting Pattern for Mary Margaret's Lace Tam

Once Upon a Time: Mary Margaret’s Lace Tam

Mary Craver created this hat pattern that replicates the lace beret hat worn by Mary Margaret / Snow White in Once Upon a Time. Pictured project by AnnaKristine86

Free Knitting Pattern for Monkees Mike Nesmith Hat

The Monkees: Mike Nesmith Hat

The iconic ribbed hat inspired Lisa Clarke’s design. JavaTwist added instructions for the button flap from Season 2 of the show! Pictured project by giraffgirl

Free Knitting Pattern for Lux Hat inspired by Life Unexpected

Life Unexpected: Lux Hat

Kymmy Inakid was inspired by the hat worn by the character Lux in the pilot the TV series Life Unexpected.

Free Knitting Pattern for Fair Kate Hat

Fairly Legal: Fair Kate Hat

Thelma Egberts replicated the breathtaking cable hat lawyer Kate Reed wore in the in TV-series Fairly Legal. The TV series lasted a couple of seasons but this hat is a hit!

Free knitting pattern for Firefly's Jayne Cobb hat and more move and tv knitting patterns

Firefly: Jayne Cobb Hat

Dryope designed this Firefly-inspired earflap hat from the episode of “The message”

Free Knitting Pattern for Rose's Slouchy Hat inspired by Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Rose’s Slouchy Hat

Designed after a hat Rose wore in Season 2 Episode 2 “New Earth”.

For More Famous Hat Knitting Patterns see our Movie Hat Knitting Patterns post

Knitting Patterns for Movie Hats

Patterns for Purchase

Knitting Pattern for Jughead's Hat

Jughead’s Hat

This beanie is a replica of Jughead’s hat from the show Riverdale. Two options are included: either very short so that it sits back on the head as Jughead wears it on the show, or longer so that it is worn similar to a normal toque.

Knitting Pattern for Lady Mary Cloche Hat

Downton Abbey: Lady Mary Cloche

Swan Avenue designed this hat inspired by one worn by Lady Mary on Downton Abbey.

Knitting Pattern for Phryne Beret

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Phryne Beret

One of my favorite series! Sarah Solomon was inspired by Phryne Fisher’s structured woven hat and uses a slip-stitch texture to create structure and reversibility.

Knitting Pattern for Lady Rose Cloche

Downton Abbey: Lady Rose Cloche

Swan Avenue designed this hat inspired by one worn by Lady Rose on Downton Abbey.

Knitting Pattern for Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman Hat

Breaking Bad: Jesse Pinkman Hat

This reversible hat designed by Mylène Lacroix was inspired by the hat worn by the Jesse Pinkman character in Breaking Bad.

Knitting Pattern for Alexis' Hat from Castle

Castle: Alexis’ Hat

Lauren Raymond’s hat was inspired by the one Alexis wore in the Secret Santa episode in Season 5 of Castle.

Knitting Pattern for Bones Inspired Blizzard Hat

Bones: Blizzard Hat

Cambria Washington’s slouchy tam was inspired by the one Temperance Brennan wore in the Bonesepisode, The Blackout in the Blizzard. Pictured project by Urbanizer

Terry Matz

meTerry is a knitting late-bloomer, learning to knit as an adult from Internet tutorials, because she wanted a craft that was useful, fun, and portable. Knitting hats for cancer patients inspired her to design her own patterns—available for free at her blog, Terry met her husband Ken at a science fiction convention and moved to the Kansas City area to be with him more than 30 years ago. Terry supports her yarn stash by creating websites and other digital media. Terry firmly believes in Knitting in Public—it's a great conversation starter!

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