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Device Knitting Patterns

by | Dec 5, 2015 | Accessories, Featured, Gifts to Knit

Device Knitting Patterns for tablets and phones, most are free patterns, cases, covers, mittens, gloves, stands

We can’t live without our electronic devices or our knitting so it’s natural to bring the two together. I’ve collected knitting patterns for your phones, tablets, and electronic devices including gloves and mittens designed for texting and touchscreens, and sleeves and cozies, most are free patterns.

To get the knitting patterns, scroll down the page to the individual pattern you want and click on the link to that pattern.

These patterns are not my designs but links to other designers who have generously shared their patterns. If you have questions about how to knit a specific pattern, please contact the designer directly.

All links on this site are for informational purposes, but please note that some links are to affiliate sellers that pay me a small commission on purchases.

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for Commuter Mitts

Commuter Mitts

Cabled convertible fingerless gloves with a folded ribbed cuff that can be buttoned in a variety of ways to keep your hands warm and your fingers free. Worsted. Designed by Stephanie Sun for Knitty

Free Knitting Pattern for Etch-a-Sketch Tablet Cozy

Etch A Sketch Tablet Cozy

Tablet, laptop, or device cover inspired by the favorite toy. You can customize by embroidering your own sketch on the screen. And you can felt if you want. Designed by by Lyndee Pitiak. Pictured projects by DoubleLune and Tawnybeth

Free Knitting Pattern for Cell Phone Resting Place

Cell Phone Resting Place

This easy pattern creates an angled rest for your mobile phone so you can keep an eye on it hands free. Great for Face Time, or if you’re watching video while you’re knitting, or reading a digital pattern. Great gift and stash buster! Designed by Sahrit Freud-Weinstein for Red Heart.

Knitting pattern for Untangled Ear Bud Cozies and more device knitting patterns

Untangled Ear Bud Cozies

Designed by Samiha Qureshi, these cozies keep your ear bud wires from tangling and look great too! Great use for leftover yarn.

Free Knitting Pattern for Cabled E-Reader Cozy

Cabled E-Reader Cozy

Perfect for small tablet or e-readers, this easy tablet sleeve measures 6″ (15 cm) wide x 10″ (25 cm) long. Great gift idea! Designed by Jodi Lewanda for Red Heart.

Free knitting pattern for Urban Necessity Gloves and more device knitting patterns

Urban Necessity Gloves

Designed by MagKnits these convertible flip top mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves but let you flip the top to text, use a touchscreen, grab change, and more. The mitten top is designed to lie flat when it’s off. Size is Large but can be customized.

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Free knitting pattern for Gryffindor iPhone Cozy and more device knitting patterns

Gryffindor iPhone Cozy

Rosemary Waits designed this Harry Potter inspired cozy. Charted with some instructions.

Free knitting mattern for Teknik touchscreen gloves with conductive thread and more device knitting patterns

Teknik Touchscreen Gloves

Conductive thread makes these gloves work with touchscreens because it conducts the body’s electricity to the device. Designed by Laura Nelkin, the body of the gloves is knit with a main color and variegated color for the pattern. Then the index fingertips are knit with conductive thread.

Free knitting pattern for Touchscreen Fingertips and more device knitting patterns

Touchscreen Glove Fingertips

Knit or crochet these fingertips designed by Heidi Gustad with conductive yarn or thread and then sew them on to store bought gloves to create easy touchscreen gloves. If you use conductive thread instead of conductive sport weight yarn, you might want to knit with two strands, one of thread and a second of regular sock yarn, or whatever works for you.

Free knitting pattern for Texting Mittens and more device knitting patterns

Texting Mittens

Designed by Mary Anna Yram, this design keeps your hands cozy in what look like regular mittens. Then when you want to text or check your phone, just poke your thumb through the hole.

Free knitting pattern for mittens with hole for texting and more device knitting pattern

Mittens With Texting Hole in Thumb

DROPS Design created super bulky version of the texting mitten.

Free Knitting Pattern for Cozy Fire iPad and Kindle Covers

Cozy Fire iPad and Kindle Covers

This seamless, protective cozy features a simple flame lace pattern and a one-button closure. It comes in variety of sizes for Kindle and iPad versions. Designed by Danna Rachel

Free knitting pattern for tablet Reading Rest knitting pattern and more device knitting patterns

Reading Rest

You can always count on Frankie Brown to come up with ingenious knitting patterns. This pyramid shaped stand will prop up your tablet so you can read and knit.

Free knitting pattern for Pop Tart Cell Phone Pocket and more device knitting patterns

Pop Tart Cell Phone Pocket

Hannah Kaminsky designed this fun but practical phone cover that’s a great stash buster!

Free knitting pattern for Smart Phone Case and more device knitting patterns

Smart Phone Case

Designed by Audrey Kerchner, this clutch-style case is done in seed stitch and a dressy way to carry your phone.

Free knitting pattern for Corylus iPad Sleeve and more device knitting patterns


Kalurah Hudson’s iPad sleeve cozy features a gorgeous leaf and cable pattern that is knit on smaller needles to provide denser fabric for shock absorption.


Owl Tablet Sleeve Free Pattern

Originally created as a netbook sleeve (remember those?), this wise owl can get with the times and find new use for your tablet, Kindle or other device.

Free knitting pattern for Texting/Gaming Gloves and more device knitting patterns

Urban Necessity Gloves

Designed by Hilary L., these combination mitten and gloves leave your finger and thumb free for touchscreens with fliptops.


Minion Cell Phone Cover

Designed by Jenny Riley, the main phone cover piece is knitted in the round which makes a seamless and safe phone cozy. The eyes and mouth are crocheted, but you can knit circles for the eyes instead, or cut them out of felt, and a knitted i-cord would work just as well for the mouth.

Free knitting pattern for FitBit pocket and more device knitting patterns

FitBit Pocket

Mwaa Knit’s design fitbit pocket is an alternative way to carry FitBit Flext. Mwaa reports that the fitbit counts steps excellently this way, even when I’m holding on to a grocery cart or the treadmill handles. Great use for leftover yarn!

Free knitting pattern for Cable iPad Sleeve and more tablet and phone knitting patterns

Cable iPad Sleeve

Designed by Cheryl Murray, recommended yarn is available on pattern page.

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Free knitting pattern for iPhoodie hoodie case for phone and more device knitting patterns


Emily Vanek’s cute hoodie phone case is a great use for leftover yarn!

Free knitting pattern for Connectivity Gloves and more device knitting patterns

Connectivity Gloves

Mari Chiba designed these combination of gloves and mittens. The body of the glove is knit in regular weight yarn with a flap you can pull up over your fingers for extra warm. The fingers are knit with Silverspun conductive yarn or, if you can’t get that yarn, knit the tips with conductive thread or sew conductive thread into the tips to make the gloves work with touchscreens.

Patterns for Purchase

Knitting pattern for Rustic Phone Case

Rustic Phone Case

Easily customizable pattern for your phones and devices.

Knitting Pattern for Tablet Stand

Tablet Buddy

This pyramid pillow stand is great for propping up your ereader, smartphone, or tablet so you can knit or cook or relax hands free.

Knitting pattern for Cable Cell Phone Cozy

Cable Phone Cozy

Also doubles as a beautiful small purse! Pattern includes option to knit a detachable handle so that the cozy can be attached to a belt loop or through the strap of a purse.

Knitting Pattern for Houndstooth Tablet and Phone cover

Houndstooth Tablet or Phablet Case

Ideal for a beginner knitter who is ready to tackle a simple two color stranded colorwork pattern, this cover is knit as one piece. The pattern comes with instructions in two sizes: Small = approx. 5”x 8” (12.5 x 20 cm) Large = approx. 7.5”x 9.5” (19 x 24 cm)

Knitting pattern for Honey Tree convertible fliptop mittens and more device knitting patterns

Honeytree Convertible Mittens

Sized for wee hands up to a Men’s Medium in both aran-weight yarn for the shell and a plain stockinette fingering-weight liner (which you can sew in or use separately), you can mix and match design options for all the special people in your life, and not have to make the exact same thing twice!

Knitting Pattern for Cable Tablet Cover

Signature Cable Knit iPad / iPad Air Case

This stylish iPad sleeve can be knit seamlessly or with one seam.

Knitting for Felt Phone Case With Flower and more device knitting patterns

Felted Phone Case With Flower

Easy to follow Instructions for a felt phone case in two sizes.

Faeroe Phonecovers Knitting Pattern

Faeroe Phonecovers Knitting Pattern

The Faeroe Islands are known for their gorgeous knitted colorwork. Here’s your chance to bring a bit of the old world to your modern life.

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