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Sea Creature Knitting Patterns

by | Oct 17, 2015 | Animals, Featured

Knitting patterns for Sea Creatures including sharks, whales, dolphins, and more, most are free knitting patterns

Knitting patterns for all kinds of animals who love and live in or near the water including whales, sharks, dolphins, seals, and even mermaids! To get the knitting pattern you want, scroll down and click on the link for the individual pattern.

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for Ocean Project Bag

Ocean Project Bag

Turn a cotton canvas bag into an oceanscape with knit red crab, sea plants, and embroidered seaweed. carey-plastic hoops handles. Designed by Loly Fuertes of HandMadeAwards Design

 Free Knitting Pattern for Theo's Octopus Baby Toy

Theo’s Octopus Baby Toy

Toy softie with eight curling i-cord tentacles and embroidered face making it suitable for babies. The designer says that the octopus is a quick and easy knit – she finished mine during three of her baby’s nap times. 38 – 49 yards (35 – 45 m) of worsted yarn. Designed by Sari Nordlund

 Free Knitting Pattern for Friday the Fish Toy

Frida the Fish

This fish amigurumi softie is about 8 in. (20 cm), though you could change the size by changing the yarn weight. Ravelrers knit this for baby toys, cat toys, mobiles, and more. Great use for scrap yarn to make stripes or self-striping yarn. Designed by Lion Brand Yarn. Pictured project by jenniebear

Free Knitting Pattern for Sheldon the Turtle Toy

Sheldon the Turtle

This adorable turtle softie wears his removable shell like a sweater. Length: Approx. 9 inches. Designed by Ruth Homrighaus. Available in English, German, and French

Free Knitting Pattern for Octopus Baby Hat

Mini Octopus Hat

This adorable baby hat by Cassandra May at Little Red Window is an easy design that turns into an octopus with curly i-cord tentacles (video tutorial included!) and knit eyes. The 6 month size pattern is free at her website. Printable pdf version and other sizes are available on Etsy.

Free Knitting Pattern for Arm Knit Orca Blanket

Arm Knit Orca Blanket

Slip into this cozy blanket designed by Amanda Bassetti of who designs many ingenious arm knitting patterns. Quick knit in super bulky yarn. Length: 49” from nose to tail

Free Knitting Pattern for Dolphin Wash Cloth

Dolphin Dishcloth

This dolphin motif block can be used for dish or wash cloths, afghans, and more. Designed by Kelly Daniels. Pictured project by Hellioz

Free knitting pattern for Dolphin Double Knit Scarf and more sea creature knitting patterns

Bonny Dolphins

Tina13 designed this chart for a double knit reversible scarf. Familiarity with double knitting and using charts would be needed for this pattern.

Free knitting pattern for Shark Bottle Cozy and more sea creature knitting patterns

Shark Bottle Cozy

Jenny Sparrow designed this bottle shark that is knit flat and seamed with felt teeth and eyes to give it personality. Great stash buster!

Free knitting pattern for Octopodes socks with octopus design

Octopodes Socks

Jennifer Raymond’s socks feature an octopus design in stranded colorwork. XS[S, M, L, XL]

Shark Hat Free Knitting Pattern

Shark Hat

Adult and child sizes are available for this fierce hat designed by Allison Mcalister.

Free knitting pattern for Humpback Whale and more sea creature knitting patterns

Hazel the Humpback Whale

Bec Brittain designed this 26 inch softie toy whale.

Free knitting pattern for Baby Seal and more sea creature knitting patterns

Baby Seal

Barbara Prime created this cute tiny seal that is perfect for ornaments and little toys. She has paired it with an Innuk pattern.

Free Knitting Pattern for Turtle Motif Cloth - project by anjasworld

Embossed Turtle Motif Cloth

This clever design by SmarieK takes some skill but it will be worth it. Knitters have incoporated this motif into blankets, sweaters, fingerless mitts, potholders, as well as dish cloths. Pictured project by anjasword.

Free knitting pattern for Seahorse and sea creature knitting patterns


Softie by Thora Bey takes up very little yarn.

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Free knitting pattern for Goldfish toy and sea creature knitting patterns


Toy softie fish designed by Susan Dennis comes with two tail variations, stuffed and ribbed, and is easily customized to the color and size of fish you want.

Free knitting pattern for Hammerhead Shark toy and more sea creature knitting patterns

Hammerhead Shark

Toy softie shark designed by Mary Kate Long.

Free knitting pattern for Starfish softie toy


Amanda Berry’s cute starfish toy is knit flat and seamed. The starfish is approximately 18cm wide (at the widest point).

Free knitting pattern for Octopus and more sea animal knitting patterns


Laura Edwards’ sock-wearing octopus uses simple increases and decreases for shaping and a little short-row heel on each sock. Great use for leftover yarn!

Free knitting pattern for Goldfish Mittens and more aquatic creature knitting patterns

Goldfish Mittens

Amy Christoffers designed these mittens for toddlers but they can be customized for bigger sizes.

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Free knitting pattern for King Crab toy and more sea creature knitting patterns

King Crab

Amber Allison designed this friendly crab with a leg span of 14 inches

Fish Hat

Great project for stash yarn. Replace the X in the fish eye with a dot for a pupil and you can revive your fish hat!

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Opus the Octopus Free Knitting Pattern and sea animal knitting patterns

Opus the Octopus

Cate Carter-Evans’ octopus is worked in the round with intarsia tentacles worked flat. Opus measures 36 in. / 92 cm in length, and head diameter 8.5 in. / 21 cm

Free knitting pattern for Scarfish - scarf designed like fish


This keyhole scarf was designed by Thelma Egberts to match the fish hat knitting pattern above.

Squid Hat Free Knitting Pattern and more fun hat knitting patterns

Giant Squid Hat

Designed by Matie Trewe

Free knitting patterns for Nautiloids and more sea creature knitting patterns


Most nautiloids are extinct now but they ruled the seas for 500 million years. Beth Skwarecki designed these nautiloid toys. Coiled nautiloid: approx. 7 inches long, excluding tentacles Straight nautiloid: approx. 18 inches long, excluding tentacles

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Patterns for Purchase

Knitting Pattern for Akiak the Walrus

 Akiak the Walrus

This walrus toy softie measures approximately 45 cm = 18 inches from head to tail fins.

Knitting pattern for Mermaid Tail Lapghan

Mermaid Tail Lapghan

Can be knit flat and used as a blanket or knit in the round to use as a cocoon. She has several patterns sized for adults, teens and children, and babies.

Knitting Patterns for Angler Fish, Octopus, Jelly Fish, Hermit Crab Amugurimi

Angler Fish, Octopus, Jelly Fish, Hermit Crab Amugurimi

Amigurmi KnitsThese sea creature toys are included in the book Amigurumi Knits: Patterns for 20 Cute Mini Knits by Hansi Singh. Sizes depend on yarn weight. The book also includes other sea creatures including a giant skid, sea star, and sun star. Use wire and pipe cleaners to stabilize and pose the legs. Pictured project for jellyfish by jessdhill

Knitting pattern for Shark Blanket and more knitting patterns for sea creatures

Shark Attack Lap Blanket

Two versions included — one for knitting in the round and one for knitting flat. Small (2 to 6 years) Medium (6 to 10 years) Large (10 to 14 years)

Knitting Pattern for Crab Pillow

Crab Pillow or Toy

This cuddly crab is easily customized to different sizes by using different weights of yarn. Great stash buster!

Knitting Pattern for Dolphin Toy

Dolphin Toy

This dolphin’s name is Sifiso, meaning ‘Hope’ in the Zulu language. His body is knitted in 1 piece and the flippers and fin are knitted separately and sewn on. 7 inches from snout to end of tail, 4 inches tall.

Knitting Pattern for Fish Hat

Fish Hat

Beanie with fish motifs in sizes baby through adult. Pattern includes 6 sizes: Newborn * 3-6 months * 6-12 months * Toddler * Child * Adult. Designed by Martha Johnson

Knitting pattern for Release the Kraken Cowl

Double Knit Kraken Cowl

This reversible double knit cowl by kraftling can be worn around neck or pulled down around shoulders as capelet or poncho.

Knitting pattern for Dolphin Hat and more sea creature knitting patterns

Dancing Dolphins Hat

This fair isle hat comes in two sizes – medium and large. Matching mitts wristwarmer pattern available.

Goldfish in a Bag Hat Knitting Pattern | Novelty Hat Knitting Patterns, many free patterns

Goldfish in a Bag Hat

Two sizes: infant and toddler. Get the knitting pattern at Etsy

Free knitting pattern for Spiral Shell

Spiral Shell

Multi-color yarn gives this knitted shell a natural look. It is knitted flat and shaped with short rows that makes the knitting fall into a natural spiral.

Knitting pattern for Starfish and more sea creature knitting patterns


Knit your starfish in any size and color!

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