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Infinity Scarf Knitting Patterns

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Cowls, Scarves

Knitting Patterns for Infinity Scarf Cowls. Most patterns are free

These versatile loops can be worn open as scarves or can be wound one or more times to wear as a cowl.

To get the knitting patterns, scroll down the page to the individual pattern you want and click on the link to that pattern.

These patterns are not my designs but links to other designers who have generously shared their patterns. If you have questions about how to knit a specific pattern, please contact the designer directly.

All links on this site are for informational purposes, but please note that some links are to affiliate sellers that pay me a small commission on purchases.

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for Two Ribs Infinity Scarf

Two Ribs Infinity Scarf

Reversible cowl knit in a combination of 2 row repeat fisherman’s rib and 2 row repeat welting. Designed by Susan Lawrence. Aran weight yarn. One of the free patterns in the free ebook Exploring the Infinity Scarf Pattern: 7 Free Designs for Knitting Infinity Scarves.

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Free Knitting Pattern for Estee Refinded Cowl

Estee Refined Cowl

Cable and lace infinity scarf in worsted weight. Designed by Jennifer Wood and excerpted from her book Refined Knits

Free Knitting Pattern for c

Braided Cables Infinity Scarf

Cable infinity scarf knit flat and seamed in bulky yarn. Designed by Leelee Knits who allows you to sell your finished projects. Matching hat pattern available.

Free Knitting Pattern for Willow Infinity Scarf Cowl

Willow Cowl

Cable infinity scarf knit flat and seamed. Quick knit for super bulky yarn. Designed by Sierra Morningstar

Free Knitting Pattern for Change of Heart Infinity Scarf Cowl

Change of Heart Cowl

Infinity scarf knit longways in 4 stitch patterns including cable, lace, and garter stitch. Designed by Justyna Lorkowska. Pictured project by gosik.

Free Knitting Pattern for Misty Rainbow Infinity Scarf

Misty Rainbow Infinity Scarf

A two row repeat herringbone stitch creates a colorful cowl with beautiful texture. Photo tutorial of the herringbone stitch included. Designed by Life Is Cozy to showcase multi-color yarn but also creates a beautiful solid color scarf.

Free Knitting Pattern for Interpretations Infinity Scarf Cowl

Interpretations Scarf

I’m fascinated by the look of this scarf / cowl. It’s actually easy and the effect of the floating loops of yarn is made by knitting with laceweight yarn alternating with a bulky multi-color yarn. Poncho pattern also included. Designed by Laura Cunitz

Free Knitting Pattern for My Dolphin Cowl

My Dolphin Cowl

Cable and lace infinity scarf with decorative picot edge. Designed by kniTTina. Pictured project by MyDailyFiber. Available in English and German

Free Knitting Pattern for Jeweled X Infinity Scarf

Jeweled X Infinity Scarf

This long cowl features a beaded eyelet X. Designed by Sachiko Uemura.

Free Knitting Pattern for Traveler Infinicowl

Traveler Infinicowl

Cozy mesh infinity scarf from Mama in a Stitch can be knit lengthwise or end to end.

Free Knitting Pattern for Wishing Cowl Infinite Scarf

Wishing Cowl

This fully reversible infinity scarf features a wishbone cable pattern that looks the same on both sides. Designed by Universal Yarn Design Team


Free Knitting Pattern for Woven Lines Cowl Infinity Scarf

Woven Lines Cowl

This cowl is knit in linen stitch cowl in two colors creating a woven-like texture with beautiful drape and has long and short versions. Designed by Aimee Sulser

Free Knitting Pattern for Honey Stitch Cowl

Honey Stitch Cowl

This infinity scarf is knit with central panel of honeycomb cables bracketed by twisted rib. Quick knit in bulky yarn. Designed by Davina Choy

Free Knitting Pattern for Ottavio Infinite Scarf Cowl


Worked flat, this infinity scarf with a chevron motif is a quick knit in bulky yarn. Designed by Corrina Ferguson

Free Knitting Pattern for Rundumadum Infinite Scarf


This cowl features a cable with optional beads. Designed by Angelika Luidl. Pictured project by avelinux


Free Knitting Pattern for Nightfall Infinity Scarf Cowl

Nightfall Infinity Scarf Cowl

The gradient effect in this easy infinity scarf is created with 3 colors of yarn in seed stitch. Designed in two sizes by Kristine Vejar Pictured project by noeknitter

Free Knitting Pattern for Stockholm Infinity Scarf

Stockholm Infinity Scarf

This cowl features a completely reversible stitch pattern with a 4 row repeat that is easy to memorize. Designed by knittedblissJC

Free Knitting Pattern for Eternidad Scarf

Eternidad Scarf

This inifinity scarf features a Teardrop drop stitch pattern. Designed by Lisa R. Myers

Free Knitting Pattern for Covet This Lacy Cowl

Covet This Lacy Cowl

This easy lace infinity scarf in worsted weight yarn. Designed by Nancy J. Thomas for Red Heart.

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Free Knitting Pattern for Ellery Reversible Cowl Infinite Scarf

Ellery Reversible Cowl

Faux cables add texture to this fully reversible infinity scarf. Designed by Universal Yarn Design Team

Free Knitting Pattern for Layer Cake Loop

Layer Cake Loop

Easy infinity scarf cowl is reversible and features 3 textures knit on circular needles. Designed by steepndeep. Pictured project by mtorresusa

Free Knitting Pattern for Easy Lace and Garter Stitch Cowl

Lace and Garter Stitch Cowl

This easy Christmas Cowl infinity scarf features panels of easy lace and garter stitch. Designed by Christine Marie Chen for Red Heart.

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Free Knitting Pattern for Lace and Cables Infinity Scarf Cowl

Lace and Cable Infinity Scarf Cowl

This stunning cowl comes in two sizes, short 63 cm (25 inches) or long 126 cm (49.5 inches). Designed by Sara Thornett for Rowan

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Glacier Cowl free knitting pattern by Jo Strong and more free cowl knitting patterns at

© Jo Strong

Glacier Cowl

Jo Strong designed this cowl with alternating panels of diamond (checkerboard) lace mesh and garter stitch. She recommends two lace weight yarn strands knit together or fingering weight yarn.

Get the free pattern at Ravelry

Free Knitting Pattern for Bulky Lace Cowl

Bulky Lace Cowl

This cowl from NobleKnits is knit in a super bulky ombre yarn that works up in just a few hours. The easy 4 row lace repeat is a perfect first lace project.

Free Knitting Pattern for Five by Five Cowl

Five by Five Cowl

Very easy infinity scarf is knit with 3 strands of fingering yarn together to give it great color variations. Designed by Felicia Lo for SweetGeorgia Yarns

Patterns for Purchase

Knitting Pattern for Light of the Universe Infinity Scarf

Light of the Universe Infinity Scarf

This reversible infinity scarf cowl has lace that looks great on both sides – the same with the stitches reversed. Knit with fingering weight yarn. Designed by Katrin Klaffenböck who recommends using gradient yarn. Available in English and German


Knitting Pattern for Slanted Gansey Cowl

Slanted Gansey Cowl

This reversible infinity scarf cowl worked flat on the bias then seamed. Knit with sport-, DK- or worsted-weight yarn. Designed by Carol Sunday

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Knitting Pattern for Allegiant Hat and Cowl Set

Allegiant Hat and Cowl Set

Hat and cowl set featuring garter stripes and sections of colorblock in garter stitch, mesh and garter rib. Cowl is worked flat with 3 options: cowl, infinity scarf and scarf. Aran weight yarn. Designed by britt schmiesing

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Knitting Pattern for Stagger Cowl

Knitting Pattern for Stagger Cowl

Stagger Cowl

Cabled infinity scarf in DK yarn. Size 50” circumference and 7¼” tall. Designed by Bonnie Sennott. Pictured project by AsheleyVN

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Knitting Pattern for Challah Infinity Scarf

Challah Infinity Scarf

Easy braided scarf cowl features contrasting textures.

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Knitting Pattern for Firehouse Alley Infinity Scarf Cowl

Firehouse Alley Infinity Scarf Cowl

Easy to remember stitch patterns in sections of lace and texture make a fabric that’s beautiful loose or wrapped around the neck. Designed by Bonnie Sennott. Finished Size: 66″ circumference and 16½” wide.

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Knitting Pattern for Bear Lake Cowl

Bear Lake Cowl

Reversible infinity scarf with panels of ribbing and mock cables knit with double strands of Aran yarn. Designed by Quenna Lee

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Knitting Pattern for Maverick Cowl Infinity Scarf

Maverick Cowl

Easy infinity scarf combines color and texture for a bold, fashion-forward look. Designed by Benjamin Matthews.

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Knitting Pattern for Warren Cowl

Warren Cowl

Moss stitch brioche infinity scarf is a quick knit in bulky yarn.

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Knitting Pattern for Eyelet Infinity Scarf

Eyelet Infinity Scarf

An eyelet and garter ridge pattern slants diagonally across the fabric of this long loop that is wrapped twice as a cowl. Designed by Sarah Radow for multi-color yarn. One of  patterns in Noro Silk Garden: The 20th Anniversary Collection

Knitting Pattern for Vintage Lace Infinity Loop

Lace Infinity Loop

Lace-edged infinity scarf designed by Pam Powers.

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