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Lord of the Rings Inspired Knitting Patterns

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Fantasy / Science Fiction, Featured, Movie and TV

Knitting patterns inspired by the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

To get the patterns, scroll down to the individual pattern and click on the link.

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for LOTR Tree of Gondor Wash Cloth

 LOTR Tree of Gondor Wash Cloth

Lord of the Rings inspired Aragorn wash/dish cloth that could also be used as an afghan block or as a motif in another project. Designed by Fang Bu who also includes a pattern for an Elven leaf called Arwen. Pictured project by Rundstricken

Free Knitting Pattern for Hobbit Inspired Hat

Hobbit Inspired Line of Durin Hat

The Line of Durin, inspired by The Battle of the Five Armies, depicts three symbols The Hobbit’s designers used for Fili, Kili, and Thorin in stranded colorwork. The green and gold colors were inspired by the color scheme in the films’ depiction of Erabor. Designed by Alena Ruman

Free Knitting Pattern for Bilbo Baggins

Free Knitting Pattern for Bilbo Baggins

Free Knitting Pattern for Frodo Baggins

Bilbo and Frodo Baggins

Hobbit toy softies by The Knit Guru. Size 20cm

Free knitting pattern for One Ring Scarf

© knit4boys5dogs

One Ring Scarf

Lyle Stafford’s reversible double knit scarf.

transforming lotr mug

Free knitting pattern for Hobbet Dress hoodie sweater

© GothKnitty

Hobbit Dress

Agnese Vajevska designed this hooded vest knitted in one piece from the bottom up. Lacing can be replaced by buttons.

Free knitting pattern for Fellowship of the Ring chart and more Rings inspired knitting patterns

Fellowship of the Ring Chart

sofia pm’s chart was inspired by this image of the Fellowship.

Free knitting pattern for Rohan Banner Scarf

Rohan Banner Scarf

IrishElinor’s reversible double knit scarf is based on the White Horse upon green banner of Rohan, or as the Rohirrim call their country, the Mark of the Riders. There are Celtic knot motifs on the middle and the ends of the scarf, with two horse profiles facing each other between. See Appendix A, II: The House of Eorl; LOTR.

Free knitting patterns for Lord of the Rings Scarf


Lord of the Rings Scarf

Tina Yeung designed this tube scarf with four rings (2 on each end). Together, the elvish writing on the rings read “One Ring to Rule them All, One Ring to find them, One Ring to Bring them All and in the Darkness bind them.” You’ll have to save the image of the chart to your computer and then print it.

Free knitting chart pattern for Doors of Duria - Gate of Moria

© PiggyKnits 2010

Doors of Durin – Moria Gate Chart

Andrea Krüß-Anders designed this chart that can be used for many crafts and projects. Click the project gallery on the pattern page to see it used on scarves, bags, sweaters, and more.

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Free knitting pattern for One Ring Hat and more Lord of the Rings knitting patterns

Free knitting pattern for One Ring Cable Hat and more Lord of the Rings knitting patterns

One Ring Cable Hat

Kristin Tefft’s slouchy hat features the first line of the one ring’s inscription, “One ring to rule them all” in a double knit brim. The top of the hat is a cable pattern.

Free knitting pattern for Thorin's Hooded Cowl

© Ephiphonora

Thorin’s Hooded Cowl / Middle Earth Hood

Summer Star designed this versatile hooded cowl that can be adapted to many Middle Earth purposes – from cosplay to fashion.


Free knitting pattern for Gimli son of Gloin gauntlets

Gimli Son of Gloin Gauntlets

Sheila Toy Stromberg designed these mitts inspired by the dwarf warrior. She provides a tutorial for knitting with scalemail, which is a lot like knitting with beads. Small (Medium, Large, Extra Large, Extra-Extra Large)

Free knitting pattern for Rangers of Ithilien Gauntlets inspired by Lord of the Rings

Rangers of Ithilien Gauntlets

Kristen Howard’s fingerless mitts with clasps are inspired by the green gauntlets of the Dúnedain Rangers that guard the glades of Ithilien as described in Return of the King.

Free knitting pattern for Wizard Warmers fingerless mitts

Wizard Warmers

Maire Martin designed these cuffed fingerless mitts after Gandalf’s  fingerless gloves from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. They can be worn with the cuffs unrolled over the fingers to keep them warm, with the cuff folded back to keep your manual dexterity (as shown in the film), or you can pull in your thumb and pull them up to your elbow as handy forearm-warmers/half-sleeves.

Free knitting pattern for Hobbit Cottage Tea Cozy and more Lord of the Rings inspired knitting patterns

© jesbelle

Hobbit Cottage Tea Cozy

Heather Tunnah’s pattern instructs you how to knit the body, roof and chimney of this cozy. Embellishments are added with duplicate stitch, embroidery, or crochet. The pictured project by jesbelle varies from the original pattern by using crocheted circular doors and windows.

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Free knitting chart pattern for Song of the Lonely Mountain from Lord of the Rings

© robinhoodlafille

Misty Mountains Cold (Song of the Lonely Mountain) Chart

emilyonthewall created this chart depicting the first line from the song in Lord of the Rings. A chart for the second line is also available.

Free knitting pattern for Runic Baby Chart and more Lord of the Rings inspired patterns

Runic Baby Chart

The runes in this chart spell out BABY (stacked in two lines) in the Angerthas, Tolkien’s dwarven alphabet, as shown in Appendix E of The Return of the King. Surrounded with cables, it creates a great pane for blankets or other projects.

Free knitting pattern for Oakenshield Armoured Hat with pattern after Thorin's armor

Oakenshield Armoured Hat

Rebecca Marsh’s beanie hat features a stranded colourwork pattern based on the plated armour worn by Thorin Oakenshield in the Hobbit films.

Thorin Oakenshield


Patterns for Purchase

Knitting pattern for Gandalf the Grey toy doll

Gandalf the Grey with Backpack and Staff

Woolythoughts designed this pattern to make the wizard, his separate long robe, a satchel with a knitted button closure and a tall staff. Approx 19.5ins(49.5cms) from the top of his head (not including hat) to the soles of his feet and approx 15ins from left middle finger tip to right middle finger tip.

Knitting pattern for Felted Gandalf Wizard Hat and more LOTR knitting patterns

Felted Gandalf Wizard Hat

Oregon Trail Yarns designed this hat with a spiral detail. Be sure to use 100% wool yarn that can be felted.

Gandalf Hat replica

Knitting pattern for There and Back Again Story Scarf inspired by Bilbo's story

© TheShining

There and Back Story Scarf

Designed by Frivolite Handicrafts, based on Bilbo’s adventures.


Evenstar Shawl

This design by Susan Pandorf is a full sized round shawl inspired by Arwen’s Evenstar from Lord of the Rings.

Arwen Evenstar pendant


Knitting pattern for Thorin Oakenshield toy and more Rings inspired knitting patterns

Thorin Oakenshield

This King Under the Mountain is about 2 feet tall and most of his clothes are removable.

Free knitting pattern for Pocketses Vest inspired by Hobbit attire

Pocketses Vest

This vest is inspired by a Hobbit’s waistcoat, with a double breast to display plenty of nice brass buttons, as well as two small pockets, just large enough for concealing a magical ring. Sizes finished bust measurements of 29.5 (33, 37.5, 41, 45.5, 49)”.

Knitting pattern for Shire Scarf inspired by Pippin

Shire Scarf

Inspired by the character Pippin.

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