Knit Wit Definitions: 14 Words that Mean Something Different to Knitters

by | Jun 19, 2016 | Featured, Knit Wit

Knit Wit Definitions - 14 Words that Mean Something Different to Knitters

Knitters have their own vocabulary and their own way of looking at the world. Here are some of the words that mean something quite different to knitters than the muggles.

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2. Knitting achievement is measured differently….

I'm working on my Phd - projects half done

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3. Yes, it’s a stitch, but so much more…

Yarnover mittens has a yarnover


4. What’ll you have? Coffee? Tea? Wine? It’s not a beverage, it’s….

Knitting Juice coffee mug

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5. Knitters have their own definition of strength training….

Ask me how I bulk up

Ask me how I bulk up. Available on tshirts, totes, mugs and more at Zazzle

6. Mistakes? – Not in the vocabulary! Knitters don’t make mistakes…we make variations.

willy wonka - is ee you messed up part of your project and we're calling it a design element


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8. Even scientific terms have a double meaning for knitters….

Gemma Correll My main are of expertise is of course string theory

SOURCE: Gemma Correll

11. And knitters don’t just procrastinate, we…


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12. We need a special work for how wonderful yarn is…


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13. WIP is not just a misspelling of a cream topping or Indiana Jones’ favorite accessory…


14. And we need all these unique words, because of the feeling knitting gives us…

Im feeling Superfine

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