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Self-Fastening Scarves and Shawls Knitting Patterns

by | Apr 24, 2016 | Accessories, Scarves, Shawls

Knitting patterns for Self Fastening Shawls and Keyhole Scarves. Most patterns are free

I’m fascinated by the clever and beautiful ways designers find to fasten shawls and scarves using keyholes, pull-throughs and openings. Hope you are, too!

To get the knitting patterns, scroll down the page to the individual pattern you want and click on the link to that pattern.

These patterns are not my designs but links to other designers who have generously shared their patterns. If you have questions about how to knit a specific pattern, please contact the designer directly.

All links on this site are for informational purposes, but please note that some links are to affiliate sellers that pay me a small commission on purchases.

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for Easy Honeycomb Scarf

Easy Honeycomb Scarf

Keyhole scarf knit in a 16 row repeat with 3 colors of worsted weight and a loop end to pull the end of the scarf through to keep in place. Designed by Vanessa Ewing for Plymouth Yarn Company

Free Knitting Pattern for Keyhole Neckwarmer

Keyhole Neckwarmer

Scarf in worsted yarn was designed by LeslieAnn Molnar-Grabowski.

Free Knitting Pattern for Brioche Keyhole Scarf

Brioche Keyhole Scarf

Reversible Rodekool keyhole scarf was designed by Nancy Marchant. Pictured project by LilyLilyLily

Free Knitting Pattern for Farmer's Market Scarf

Farmer’s Market Scarf

Knit all in one piece with a decorative counterpane edge on one end and a loop on the other, this scarf is a quick knit in bulky yarn. Designed by Rebecca Shepler

Free knitting pattern for Necks Big Thing quick easy scarf

© Klisakcat

The Neck’s Big Thing

Shelley L Brander’s clever scarf is a quick easy pattern that takes advantage of the texture of chunky or handspun yarn. You just knit the loop and let the yarn strands loop through. Amazingly beautiful effect for very little effort! You have to have great yarn for the best look.

Free knitting pattern for wrap with holes for fastening


Alpi Alpenrose’s ingenious shawl pattern is designed with holes to thread the end of the wrap through. Available in 8 different languages including English.

Free knitting pattern for Pull Through Cable Wrap

Pull Through Cable Wrap

Cynthia Yanok Wise designed this wrap that features cables, seed stitch borders, and a slit for wrapping the shawl. (Note: Red Heart sometimes sends me free yarn but did not ask me or pay me to promote this pattern.)

Free knitting pattern for Ribbed Slit Shawl

Ribbed Slit Shawl

Kimberly K. McAlindin designed this easy shawl for Red Heart that’s perfect for beginners. Three sizes. (Note: Red Heart sometimes sends me free yarn but did not ask me or pay me to promote this pattern.)

Free knitting pattern for Carol's Clever Little Shawl

© hellskitsch

Carol’s Clever Little Shawl

Carol Sanders’ keyhole shawl was inspired by an antique 1800’s shawl. It is knit from side to side in garter stitch with lace edging added as you go. The shawl is shaped with short rows and closes cleverly with interlacing front tips created at the beginning and end of the shawl.

Free knitting pattern for Everest Scarf

Everest Scarf

Beautiful one skein lace keyhole scarf by Christy Hills!

Free knitting pattern for Martha Stewart Neck Wrap

© lachicaerina

Martha Stewart Neck Scarf

This cute keyhole neckwarmer by the Martha Stewart Design Team is easily customizable. One knitter even knitted a matching scarflet for her cat!

Free knitting pattern for Flower Scarf neckwarmer

© chocoJ

Flower Scarf

Robyn Diliberto’s fast project is knit in fisherman’s rib and finished with a knitted flower and button. Pictured project is by chocoJ

Free knitting pattern for Anthro-inspired Scarflet and more neckwarmer knitting paterns

Anthro-inspired Scarflet

Kim Selo designed this keyhole style neckwarmer.

Free knitting pattern for Purlieu neck warmer and more neck warmer knitting patterns


This neck wrap by Myrrhia Resneck is knit with a wide fan on one end that tucks into the loop on the other end — no buttons! The pictured project is knit in novelty yarn.

Free knitting for DROPS Symphony Wrap and Headband

Symphony Wrap and Headband

Pull-through shawl in seed stitch in bulky yarn.

Patterns for Purchase

Knitting Pattern for Chloe Stole Knitting Pattern for Chloe Stole

Chloe Stole

Flame lace stitch shawl that fastens by slipping a ribbed tab through a loop in front. Designed by Shaina Bilow

Knitting Pattern for Chevron Keyhole Scarf

Knitting Pattern for Chevron Keyhole Scarf

Chevron Keyhole Scarf

The chevron stitch looks great in a self striping yarn.

Knitting pattern for Sprinkles and Squares scarf neckwarmer

Sprinkle and Squares Scarf

Cute neckwarmer knitted in one piece and self-fastens by pulling through the bow. The color is worked in a mosaic stitch pattern where one color is used at a time, eliminating fussy stranding as in fair isle technique. FINISHED SIZE 4” wide and 18” long.

Free knitting pattern for Angora shawl that self fastens

Angora Shawl

This lacy shawl gently drapes over the shoulders and neatly closes in the front by pulling one end through the other.

Knitting pattern for Fox Scarf

Fox Keyhole Scarf

This cute fox by StitchEScrochet is a keyhole scarf. Just pull the tail through the head loop to fasten.

Knitting pattern for Leaves and Mock Cable Keyhole Scarf

Leaves and Mock Cable Keyhole Scarf

This lace pattern includes links to video tutorials.

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