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Beanie Hat Knitting Patterns

by | Dec 10, 2015 | Featured, Hats

Free knitting patterns beanie hat knitting patterns

Below are a variety of beanie hat knitting patterns with cables, texture, colorwork. Many will work for men or women. To get the patterns, scroll down and then click on each individual link to get that pattern. For more hat patterns see

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for Clover Hat

Clover Hat

This beanie with pom pom features an interesting stitch pattern that uses a technique of lifting lower stitches to create the little leaves. In baby and adult sizes. Designed by Susan B. Anderson

Free knitting pattern for leaf pattern beanie hat and more beanie knitting patterns


Designed by Mandy Powers, this hat with leaf colorwork has a braided rim.

Free knitting pattern for Cable Crossings Hat and more beanie knitting patterns

Cable Crossings Hat

Designed by Sara McDonald, this beanie features an all over cable pattern.

Thesis Beanie Hat


Designed by Hadley Jolley, this reversible hat combines double-knitting and two-color brioche stitch,

Free knitting pattern for Circuitry Hat and more beanie knitting patterns


Designed by Agata Smektala, this unisex hat is knit in the round.

Free knitting pattern for Sideways Cable Hat pattern and more beanie knitting patterns

Sideways Cable Hat

Designed by Lisa R. Myers, the chunky cable band is knit sideways, then stitches are picked up to top the unisex hat off.

Free knitting pattern for Utopia Cabled Hat and more beanie knitting patterns

Utopia Cabled Hat

Designed by Smariek, this cable hat features a cable in the decrease. The designer offers two options for the cable decrease, one with an extra twist.

Free knitting pattern for Bea Hat and more beanie knitting patterns


Susan Ann’s beanie is knit from the bottom up in the round, and the colorwork is done with an easy slip-stitch pattern using only one color at a time per row. Three sizes.

Hermione's Hat from Half Blood Prince Free Knitting Pattern | Harry Potter inspired Knitting Patterns, many free knitting patterns | These patterns are not authorized, approved, licensed, or endorsed by J.K. Rowling, her publishers, or Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

Hermione Hearts Ron Hat

Designed by Christy Aylesworth after the hat Hermione wears in the movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with the scarf above.

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Free knitting pattern for Milanese Lace Topper and more beanie hat knitting patterns

Milanese Lace Topper

Designed by tante ehm, this beanie features a spiraling lace pattern.


Honeycomb Hat

This is one of my own designs. It’s a super easy cable hat and a great pattern for your first cable project. It was my first cable project! Video tutorial for the stitch is included in the pattern.

Free knitting pattern for Breaking the Waves Beanie Hat and more beanie knitting patterns

Breaking the Waves

gustavs designed this charted wave pattern on an oval hat. Can be used with any gauge.

Free knitting pattern for Ridged Rib hat and more beanie knitting patterns

Ridged Rib Hat

Another of my own designs! The ridged rib pattern is simple and great if you’re watching tv or multi-tasking.

Free knitting pattern for Corkscrew Hat and more beanie knitting patterns

Corkscrew Hat

Designed by Michelle Hunter, there are video tutorials to help with the techniques used. Sized for Baby, Child, and Adult.

Free knitting pattern for Scallop Lace Hat and more beanie knitting patterns

Scallop Lace Hat

Designed by Leah Coccari-Swift, the lacy open look comes from knitting dk yarn on larger needles.

Free knitting pattern for Hugs and Kisses hat and more beanie knitting patterns

Hugs and Kisses Hat

Heather Lodinsky designed this beanie for Crafty Yarn Council with a cable detail of XOXO.

Free knitting pattern for Secret Crush hat and more beanie knitting patterns

Secret Crush

Designed by Michele DuNaier, this hat is sized for Adult/Teen, Child, Baby.

Free knitting pattern for Ribbing and Lace beanie hats

Ribbing and Lace Hats

Designed by Mama’s Stitchery, these caps come in two versions, feather lace and and diamond lace.

Free knitting pattern for Slip Stitch Stash Hat stashbuster beanie and more beanie knitting patterns

Slip Stitch Stash Hat

Designed by Renee Rico, this hat is a great stashbuster and introduction to color work since you only use only one color per row and use slip stitches for the color pattern. Sizes for toddler to adult.

Free knitting pattern for Uljhan Beanie and more beanie hat patterns

Uljhan Beanie

Designed by DesiLoop, this unisex hat uses 2x2 rib and 1x1 cable to form the pattterns. Sizes Preemie (Newborn, Baby, Toddler, Child/Teen, Small Adult, Large Adult)

Free knitting pattern for Tashi Beanie and more beanie hat knitting patterns


Paula Pereira’s beanie is is worked circular and from the bottom-up. Children & Adult Small: 19” / 20” head circumference Adult Medium: 21” / 22” head circumference Adult Large: 23” head circumference

Free knitting pattern for His and Her Hats with spiral pattern and more beanie knitting patterns

His and Her Spiral Hats

Designed by Jen at Purlbee, these hats feature a spiral pattern with stripe.

Patterns for Purchase

Knitting Pattern for Easy Ribby Toque

Ribby Toquet

Reversing the ribbing used in the brim for the body creates a simple but interesting design in this unisex beanie hat that works for all ages. Rated very easy by Ravelrers. Designed by Carol J. Sulcoski. Pictured project by nannapei

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Knitting Pattern for Voussior Hat

Voussior Hat

This beanie combination of knits, purls, and twisted stitches to create an architecture-inspired geometric design that is easier than it looks. Designed by Robin Allen

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Knitting pattern of Koolhaas hat and more beanie knitting patterns



Jared Flood was inspired by the architecture of Rem Koolhaas to create the strong geometric structure and deeply sculptural quality of the twisted stitch pattern.

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Free knitting pattern for Short Row Hat and more beanie knitting patterns

Short Row Hat

Veronik Avery designed this beanie that creates a checkerboard pattern with short rows. Great for multi-color yarn.

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Knitting pattern for Hallgrim Hat and Mittens

Hallgrim Hat and Mittens

The gothic architecture of Reykjavik, Iceland’s Hallgrim Church inspires the twisted stitch lines of this hat and mitten set.

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Free knitting pattern for Diamond Weave Hat and more beanie knitting patterns

Diamond Weave Hat

Clear & simple instructions along with picture tutorials make this a beautiful & fun project. Sized for teens and adults.

Knitting Pattern for Proverbial Cap

Proverbial Cap

Meg Swansen’s beanie is actually a sampler of twisted stitch knitting with simple twisted rib, twisted cables, double helix-like motifs, and elaborate lattice braids! Pictured project by catonmylap

Knitting Pattern for Bartek Hat

Bartek Hat

The unisex Bartek features multiple cable bands in varied width and one large cable twist that runs vertically up the side.

Knitting Pattern for Keyboard Hat

Keyboard Hat

Pattern for the Beethoven Hat includes baby and adult sizes.

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