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Stash Buster Knitting Patterns

by | Dec 19, 2015 | Featured, Gifts to Knit, Holiday

Stash Buster Knitting Patterns with many free patterns to use up leftover scrap oddball yarn

We knitters hate to throw away yarn so our stash is full of leftover oddballs and scraps of yarn too small for most projects. Here are some clever stash busting ideas to de-stash those yarn remnants. Don’t have any leftover yarn (ha, ha)? You can always get more yarn! These make great quick gifts, too!

For more great stash busters, check out

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for Freezer Pop Cozy

Freezer Pop Cozy

This easy and quick ice pop sleeve will keep little fingers from getting cold. Beginner level pattern and a great project to teach kids to knit with the incentive that they can use it with a treat after they’re done! Crochet version also available.

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Free Knitting Pattern for Muff


This cozy convenient alternative to mittens and gloves is made with scraps and oddballs of yarn. The muff keeps you nice and toasty, yet you can take your hands in and out quickly. Great for car rides and strolls. Designed by Stephanie Shiman

Free knitting pattern for Ruched Sleep Eye Mask and more stash buster knitting patterns

© martyporteous

Ruched Sleep Eye Mask

Designed by Sarah Core, this sleep mask covers the eyes without laying heavy on the face.  The pattern also provides instructions for turning your mask into a eye sachet, with a detailed pattern included for making a mask backing.

Free knitting pattern for Dream a Little Dream Dream Catcher and more last minute gift knitting patterns

Dream a Little Dream

Katie Mack designed this easily customizable dream catcher that’s a great use for scrap yarn.

Free knitting pattern for Book Cover and more last minute gift ideas

Book Cover

Designed by Julie Picard for Mollie Makes, this two stitch cover for good reads or notebooks come with a handy pocket for highlighter, pen, or other tools.

Knitting Afghan Blocks for Charity

HAPpy Stitchers Afghan Project

A stashbuster with heart! Knit 6 x 9 rectangle blocks with your stash and the HAPpy Stitchers will assemble all the blocks they get into afghans for injured servicepersons, homeless veterans and vets in veterans homes.

Free knitting pattern for Braided Ball and more stash buster knitting patterns

Braided Ball

Marleen Hartog’s toy ball can be knit in a few hours in any size you want with any scraps of yarn you have.

Free knitting pattern for Luggage Finders Tags and more stash buster knitting patterns

Luggage Finders

You’ll always be able to find your suitcase when you give it the personal touch of knitted tags designed by Kathy Sasser for Skacel.

Free knitting pattern for Yoga Socks and more stash buster knitting patterns

Yoga Socks

Designed by Yarnspirations, these socks give you warmth and comfort while still leaving your heal and toes free to grip and stabilize.

Free knitting pattern for Mini Wash Cloths and other stash busting knitting patterns

Mini Almost Lost Washcloths

This is a knitting pattern for small flower shaped wash cloths by Simply Notable that are great for removing makeup. There is also a link to larger versions. Great for leftover cotton yarn and stocking stuffers!

Free knitting pattern for Crayon Bookmarks and other stash buster knitting patterns

Crayon Bookmarks

Designed by Twins Knitting, these easy bookmarks are knitting flat and seamed.

Free Knitting Pattern for Pocket Garter

Pocket Garter

This easy pattern is an ingenious way to carry essential items hidden underneath a tunic or dress.

Free knitting pattern for Lace Earring Holder and more stash buster knitting patterns

Lace Jewelry Holder

Laylock designed this quick project that only requires a small frame, some thumbtacks, and some lace in the pattern she provides or your own. Then hang your earrings on the lace or use s-hooks to hang other jewelry. Great quick gift! Also great for leftover swatches!

Free knitting pattern for Sweater Key Chain Covers and more stash buster knitting patterns

Sweater Key Chain Covers

This set of miniature sweaters will keep your keys from scratching up your purse contents, designed by Berroco. Although it’s a great use of scrap yarn, these were knit in Berroco Sox which is a variegated sock yarn works up into faux Fair Isle and self-striping patterns.

Free knitting pattern for Earbud Pouch and more last minute gift knitting patterns

Earbud Pouch

Mary Keenan designed this pouch that keeps earbuds safe and untangled and looks great too! Knit in the round, you can make this in the time it takes to watch a movie. Great use for leftover yarn and multi-color yarn!

Free knitting pattern for Cottage Case to hold pens, pencils, cosmetics, etc - and more stash buster knitting patterns

Cottage Case

Amanda Berry designed this cute zippered case that can be used to hold pens and pencils, cosmetics, and more. Approximately 18.5cm wide and 14cm high. Great quick gift!

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Free knitting tutorial for a shoe and more stash buster knitting patterns

How to Knit a Shoe

Want your shoes to really say “you”? Knit your shoes with this tutorial by Kamilla who shows you how to measure and create knitted covers for existing shoes.

Free knitting pattern for Furniture Socks and more last minute gift knitting patterns

Protect-Your-Floor Socks

Jodi Lewanda came up with these clever furniture leg socks for Red Heart. Cute, practical, and a great use for scrap yarn!

Free knitting pattern for Pongola Sleep Mask and more last minute gift ideas

 Pongola Sleep Mask

Designed by Bobbin Hobnobbint, this sleep mask is from side-to-side and front and back pieces crocheted together. Two designs — the one pictured and one with “eyes”. Make sure to knit with soft cotton, cashmere or other comfortable yarn!

Free knitting pattern for Dream catcher and more stash buster knitting patterns

© Disneyette

Dream Catcher for Leah

Erica Harbin created this great use for leftover thread, lace, or even fingering weight yarn. The frame is the rim of plastic cup. Three styles to chose from.

Free knitting pattern for Mini Key ring Purse Fobs and more last minute gift patterns

Mini Key Ring Purses

Kathy Sasser designed these cute key ring fobs for Red Heart. Perfect for scrap yarn and multi-color yarn!

Free knitting pattern for Pedicure Socks and more stash buster knitting patterns

Pedicure Socks

Yarnspirations created these toeless socks to wear for a spa day or to show off your new pedicure. Three sizes from shoe size 5 to 10.

Free knitting pattern for Earth ball and more stash busting knitting patterns

Planeetta Maa

Got some blue and green yarn of any weight? Use them to create Solie Soile Peltokangas’s planet earth globe ball. Great for Earth Day too!

More Stash Buster Knitting Patterns


Patterns for Purchase

Knitting Pattern for Patchwork Baby Dress

Patchwork Baby Dress

This baby dress is designed to use up oddments of leftover yarn. The skirt is knitted in faux patchwork with a picot edging hem. Sizes 14″ chest for premature/Newborn, 16″ chest for newborn/3 months, 18″ for 3/6 month old babies and 20″ chest for 6/12 months old.

Knitting pattern for Baby Doll in Crib and more stash buster knitting patterns

Baby Doll in Crib

This cute Baby Doll measures 9 inches/23 cms from head to toe. Perfect for stash busting because you use different yarns for different pieces. Pattern includes instructions for Crib, Baby Doll, Hat, Sleepsuit, Nappy/Diaper, Pillow and Blanket

Knitting Pattern for Polygon Blanket

Polygon Blanket

This afghan is made of individual garter stitch hexagons that are knit individually and assembled. Great stash buster and portable project! Blanket as shown: 29 1/2″W x 37 1/2″L

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Knitting Pattern for Razor Cover

Razor Cover

This razor cover is designed to protect from razor cuts when your razor is packed in your luggage, gym bag, or purse. It easily slips on and off your razor head. And slipping it on when the razor is wet serves to block the cover to the razor shape. This knitting pattern is seamless and works up very quickly. Great for scrap yarn and last minute gifts.

Knitting patterns for Kaleidescope Tube Cowl and more stash buster knitting patterns

Kaleidescope Tube Cowl

This lacy zigzag scarf is knit in a tube, making it so simple to finish in no time with selected colors or scraps!

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Knitting Pattern for Domino Star Afghan

Domino Star Stashbuster Afghan

The center star is knitted in stockinette, and all the rest of the blanket is in garter stitch. The motifs consist of mitered squares, which are slightly modified to accommodate for the growing periphery of the circle.


Mini Skein Knits and other stash buster knitting patterns

Mini Skein Knits

25 patterns to use up leftover yarn and scraps a woman’s pullover, cardigan, slouchy beanie, shawl, mitts, boot cuff, scarf, pillow, clutch, and more.

Knitting pattern for Woolly Soap on a Rope and more stash buster knitting patterns

Woolly Soap on a Rope

Quick knit and great stash buster for cotton yarn! Holds a bar of oval shaped soap (ie. Dove) or stuff with Potpourri.

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Knitting pattern for Soma Cube and more stash busting knitting patterns

Soma Cube

The Soma Cube is a puzzle toy of seven different pieces that can be assembled to form a 3 x 3 x 3 cube. There are 240 possible solutions. The pieces are all different and are made with the minimum of sewing (One corner in most shapes).


Knitting patterns for Composed Mitts with fair isle and more stash buster knitting patterns

Composed Mitts

Knit in six colors in varying stranded colorwork patterns in stockinette, with bobbles, ribbing, and garter stitch rows thrown in.

Knitting pattern for Stacking Toy and more stash buster knitting patterns

Stacking Toy

Make soft stackers for your baby! This toy can also be used as mathematical game or puzzle, as explained in the instructions. The pattern includes knit and crochet versions. The pattern suggests ways to make the posts using easily available items.


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