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Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

by | Jun 11, 2016 | Baby Blankets, Featured

Knitting patterns for easy baby blankets. Many of the patterns are free

I selected these patterns because they were rated easy by other knitters or labeled easy by the designer. And, though some of these patterns are great for beginners, some do require knowledge of stitches beyond just knit and purl.

For more free baby blanket knitting patterns see

To get the knitting patterns, scroll down the page to the individual pattern you want and click on the link to that pattern.

These patterns are not my designs but links to other designers who have generously shared their patterns. If you have questions about how to knit a specific pattern, please contact the designer directly.

All links on this site are for informational purposes, but please note that some links are to affiliate sellers that pay me a small commission on purchases.

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for Easy 6 Row Repeat Diamonds for Baby Blanket

Diamonds for Baby Blanket

This easy blanket is knit with a 6 row repeat diamond texture stitch. Designed by Cathy Payson for Red Heart. Quick knit in bulky yarn.

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Free Knitting Pattern for Easy Garter Stitch Ruffles Baby Blanket

Garter Stitch Ruffles Baby Blanket

This easy reversible blanket is knit completely in garter stitch with two strands of yarn held together. It gets its ruffled look by switching to large needles for a puffier section and then make to smaller needles for a tighter gauge. Consider two yarns or different texture or color to add interest. Designed by Diane Starke. Pictured project by KathInOC

Free Knitting Pattern for Easy Self-Striping Baby Blanket

Self Striping Baby Blanket

This easy blanket is featured garter stitch eyelet rows that add texture and showcase self-striping yarn. Designed by Nancy J. Thomas for Red Heart.

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Free Knitting Pattern for Sunny Baby Blanket

Sunny Baby Blanket

This easy blanket is created with just knit and purl stitches. Designed by Lucie Sinkler and rated very easy by hundreds of Ravelrers. Pictured project by dls1149

Free Knitting Pattern for Chalice Baby Blanket

Baby Chalice Blanket

This easy lace blanket was designed by Karen S. Lauger and rated easy by most Ravelrers. Pictured project by ClaudeandWilbur

Knitting pattern for Dream Baby Blanket

© assia90

Dreambaby Baby Afghan

JoAnne Turcotte designed this easy yet beautiful blanket with squares bordered by purl and garter stitch ridges.  Four sizes, from doll size to crib size. Pictured project is by assia90

Free Easy Knitting Pattern for Guernsey Style Baby Blanket

Guernsey Style Baby Blanket

Kate McDaid was inspired by the textures of classic Guernsey, or Gansey, patterns to create this easy blanket that knits up quickly in bulky weight yarn.

Free knitting pattern for Big Baby Blocks Baby Blanket

Big Baby Blocks Baby Blanket

Beginner pattern with easy block pattern 12 row, 20 stitch repeat. Approx. 36½” x 38″ (92.5 x 96.5 cm)

Free knitting pattern for easy Garter Stitch Baby Blanket

© Caroljeanne1960

Garter Stripe Baby Blanket

Mary Jane Protus designed this blanket that alternates sections of garter stitch with crossed stitch. Red Heart lists this as Intermediate but knitters on Ravelry rated it easy. So it may not be a beginner pattern but once you get the crossed stitch pattern down it should be easy. Blanket measures approximately 32” wide x 38½” long.

Free knitting pattern for breezy baby blanket

Breezy Baby Blanket

This easy pattern by Pickles features a light version of the drop stitch sea foam pattern, which makes it airy, stretchy and comfortable in warm weather.

Free Knitting Pattern for Tiny Ripples Baby Blanket

Tiny Tipples Baby Blanket

This easy cable blanket by Leelee Knits is an 8 row repeat with 6 of the rows stockinette.

Free knitting pattern for Easy Baby Blanket with Lace Option

© sckristin

Easy Baby Blanket With Lace Option

Denny Kelly’s design is a garter stitch blanket knit in the diagonal. The optional lace border is knit separately and sewn on. You can even knit the border in a contrasting color for fun.Or use a different lace or ruffle border.

Free knitting pattern for Pinwheel Baby Blanket

© elsteffo

Pinwheel Baby Blanket

Genia Planck created a simple round baby blanket that is knit in the round (so no purl rows!) with simple eyelet lines. It looks hard but it isn’t. It is easily customizable. The pictured project by elsteffo added a ruffle border.

Free knitting pattern for Alex's Baby blanket easy pattern with tulip lace

© wingweave

Alex’s Baby Blanket

Angie Jaszek’s carriage blanket is an easily memorized pattern of tulip lace. Size about 29″ wide but you can customize by adding repeats.

Free knitting pattern for Waffle Blanket

© Debajounboton

Waffle Blanket

Ana Sancho Rumeu’s squishy afghan has a 4-row, 3 stitch repeat. Once you learn it, it goes quickly. The border is an attached i-cord but if you can substitute a garter or seed stitch border if you want something simpler. Some knitters have used multi-color yarn which looks great in this stitch. This was designed as a regular sized afghan so you might customize the size when you knit.

Free knitting pattern for Ripple Lace Baby Blanket

Ripple Lace Baby Blanket

Designed by Bernat, this pattern is rated easy by the designer and knitters. Approx 38 x 40 ins [96.5 x 101.5 cm].

Free knitting pattern for ABC Baby Blanket

© SabineStangel

ABC Baby Blanket

Just knit and purl stitches are all you need to know to create this cute blanket by Jenny Williams that includes classic baby blocks including A, B, C, a duck, a sailboat, a heart, a star and two 4-square blocks. I would strongly recommend you get a yarn with great stitch definition. This is not a good pattern for all-acrylic yarns. Consider cotton, wool, or blends.

Free knitting pattern for Woven Look Baby Blanket

© Pferdina

Woven Look Baby Blanket

Designed by Bernat, this pattern is rated easy by the designer and knitters. It uses easy slipstitch colorwork to create the colorful cells. Approx 34 ins [86.5 cm] square. Create with multi-color yarn.

Free knitting pattern for One Row Baby Blanket super easy pattern

One Row Baby Blanket

It doesn’t get any easier than this baby blanket from Red Heart by Nancy J. Thomas. You just knit one row over and over to make a beautiful blanket. Great with multi-color yarn!

Free knitting pattern for Chocolate Parfait baby blanket with diamond lattice motif

Chocolate Parfait Baby Blanket

Narangkar Glover’s blanket features a diamond motif and lattice.

Patterns for Purchase

Knitting Pattern for Easy 4 Row Repeat Lace Baby Blanket

Easy 4 Row Repeat Lace Baby Blanket

This easy lace pattern is a great first lace project according to the designer.

Easy Knit Baby Blankets knitting patterns

Easy Knit Baby Blankets Pattern – Collection 1

Three knitting patterns for baby blankets – looks like a wavy lace, a diamond pattern, and a star stitch. Finished sizes: 36″ x 40″, 36″ x 36″ and 35″ x 40″

Easy Knit Baby Blanket Collection 2

Easy Knit Baby Blankets Pattern – Collection 2

These 3 beautiful lace baby blankets, each in 2 sizes, are quick-to-knit. Looks like lace hearts, eyelet stripes, and zigzag lace. Approximate finished sizes: 30″ x 36″ and 38″ x 44″

Knitting Pattern for I Love Mom and Dad Baby Blanket

I Love Mom and Dad Baby Blanket

Easy blanket features I Love Mom and Dad, sun, and duck motifs in knit and purl stitches. The designer says it is suitable for beginners.

Knitting pattern for Ivy Baby Blanket

Ivy Baby Blanket

This easy lace rectangular baby blanket by Emily Nora O’Neil is approximately 28 1/2″W x 30″H.

Knitting Pattern Easy Basketweave Baby Blanket

Double Basketweave Baby Blanket

Easy blanket uses just knit and purl stitches and is reversible with different interesting textures on either side.

Knitting Pattern for Easy Textured Baby Blanket

Textured Baby Blanket

This easy baby blanket by ZucchiniIslandKnits has a cozy texture and is a fast knit in bulky yarn,

Knitting pattern for Ice Cream Baby Blanket

© jesswallace6

Ice Cream Baby Blanket

Lisa Craig’s blanket gets its name from the eyelets and triangles texture that look like little ice cream cones. Blanket available in 2 sizes bassinet and cot.

Knitting pattern for easy cabled Babbling Brook Baby Blanket

Babbling Brook Baby Blanket

This easy baby blanket from Aunt Janet’s designs features an all-over cable pattern that looks like X kiss symbols to me. Finished Size: 34 x 40 inches

Blankies Just for baby 6 knitting patterns

Blankies Just for Baby

6 easy skill-level projects, all made with worsted-weight yarn.

Petcentric cute cate 728

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