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Cat and Kitten Knitting Patterns

by | Aug 1, 2015 | Animals, Featured

Knitting patterns for cats and kittens on toys, pillows, mittens, wash cloths, scarves and more.

Knitting patterns for cat and kitten softies, hats, scarves, and more.

To get the knitting patterns, scroll down and click on the link to the individual pattern.

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for Wub Chub Cat

Wub Chub Cat

This adorable kitty can be used as a toy or an ornament. Knit in the round on double pointed needles. The body, paws, tail, head and ears are knitted separately and sewn together. Finished size using 2.5 mm needles is approx. 14cm from nose to tail. Designed by Button Willow Knits

Free Knitting Pattern for Cat Cushion

Cat Cushion

Easy cat shaped pillow. If knit in aran weight yarn, the size is 18” x 13” excluding ears. Rated easy by Ravelrers. Designed by Sue Speechley for Granny’s World. Pictured project by laurelm78

Free Knitting Pattern for Cat Shawl

Cat Shawl

Kathleen’s Kittens is a circular lace shawl with cat silhouettes around border. Designed by MMario. Pictured project by kibbles-n-bitch who omitted optional rounds.

Free Knitting Pattern for Kate's Kitten

Kate and Kate’s Kitten

This pair of toy cats are a perfect pairing. The larger cat Kate is 12 inches from top of ears to toes. Her kitten is 1.75 inches/4.5cm tall. Kate designed by Jess Hutchison and her kitten designed by Anna Hrachovec for Knitty

Free Knitting Pattern for Tiny Window Cat

 Tiny Window Cat

It’s 3 inches tall, worked in the round, and all in one piece except for the tail. Designed by Sara Elizabeth Kellner

Free Knitting Pattern for Yinyang Kitty Socks

Yinyang Kitty Socks

Toe-up ankle socks with a kitty chart on the toe and foot and a simple short-row heel. Designed by Geena Garcia

Kitten Kaboodle Dishcloth

This cloth features a cat silhouette that call also be used on afghan blocks and other knitting projects. Designed by Erica Jackofsky for Knit Picks. Pictured project by JanePoppins

Free Knitting Pattern for Cat Shawl

Cat Shawl

Stranded colorwork shawl by Susanne Ljung features cat silhouettes with pawprint border. The English version of the pattern is at the bottom of the page, under the Swedish version.

It looks like the designer’s website is down at least temporarily…. Here is a link to the web archive page for the site. The chart for the pattern can take a long time to load.

Free Knitting Pattern for Kitty Bolster Pillow

Kitty Bolster Pillow

Adorable cat-faced cushion from Yarnspirations. Approx 19″ [48 cm] long x 7″ [18cm] diameter.

Grumpy Cat knitting pattern -- free knitting pattern to adapt for a Grumpy Cat look

© bigdamnhero

Grumpy Cat

bigdamnhero’s Grumpy Cat project is a customization of Linda Dawkins’ Beans the Cat pattern (see below).

Free knitting pattern for Beans the Cat and more cat knitting patterns

Beans the Cat

Linda Dawkins’ original Beans the Cat pattern can be knit in the round or knit flat and then seamed.

Free Knitting Pattern for Grumpy Cat Chart and Hat

Grumpy Cat Chart and Hat

mirella design created this chart of the meme cat that can be used in your knitting projects. Pictured project is by katycabot who has notes on how she made the hat

Free Knitting Pattern for Brownie the Cat

Brownie the Cat

Barbara Kobayashi created these soft round kitties perfect for customizing to look like your feline friends. Pictured project by knittypocket

Free knitting pattern for Window Cat and more cat knitting patterns

© monicaknitter

Window Cat

Sara Elizabeth Kellner designed this simple pattern knit in the round from the bottom up. Tail and paws are knit separately, also in the round, and seamed to the body. The pattern is easily customized in a variety of ways.  About 12 inches by 7 inches.

Free knitting pattern for Norwegian Kitten Mittens

Norwegian Kitten Mittens

Designed by Salty Crafts who also has a striped version.

Free knitting pattern for Amigurumi Cat about 11 inches tall and more cat knitting patterns

Amigurumi Cat

Michele Wilcox designed this cute cat that’s about 11 inches tall. Recommended yarn available on pattern page.

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Free knitting pattern for Knitted Kitty

© abryss

Knitted Kitty

A folded knitted square is all you need to make the cat body in Lillian’s ingenious pattern. The hat and tail are knitted flat and seamed.

Free knitting pattern for Parlor Cat and more cat knitting paterns

The Parlor Cat

Designed by Sara Elizabeth Kellner, the Parlor Cat is knit in the round, one piece from head to tail, and 10” long and 7” wide.

Free knitting pattern for Black Cat Beanie and more cat knitting patterns

Black Cat Beanie

Designed by Sandra Jaeger, this beanie has been adapted by other knitters into hot pads, socks, and more.

Free Knitting Pattern for Pretty Kitty Purse

Pretty Kitty Purse

Teresa Harrison designed this cute kitten purse probably inspired by Hello Kitty that is knit flat and seamed.

Free knitting pattern for Mad Cat Handwarmers fingerless mitts

Mad Cat Handwarmers

Kat Lewinski’s fingerless mitts feature Ta mad cat on one side and a paw print on the palm.

Share Kitty Free Knitting pattern and more free cat and kitten knitting patterns

Share Kitty

Designed by Justjen, Share Kitty is 41cm tall. Legs, body & head are knitted as one piece for the front, one for the back, with his arms, ears & tail attached separately.

Mickey's Cat Baby Bib Free Knitting Pattern

Mickey’s Cat Baby Bib

Knitted by Elaine Fitzpatrick based on a design by a grandson, there is also a washcloth version. The link below goes to the blog post. The link to download the pattern is in the list of links on the right side of the post.

Free knitting pattern for Witches Cat Hat and more cat knitting patterns

Witch Cat Hat

Designed by Christine da Savoie, this beanie was originally designed as a Halloween hat but has been adapted by other knitters.

Longcat Scarf free Knitting pattern for kitty cat scarf

Longcat Scarf

Designed by fluffyduckie plushie.

Free knitting pattern for Sleeping Cat Pillow and more cat and kitten patterns

Cat Pillow

Val Love designed this cuddly sleeping cat cushion that is about 20 inches square.

Free Knitting Pattern for Hello Kitty Baby Hat

Hello Kitty Hat

Beadwhore designed this easy hat that can be customized to various sizes. Pictured project by lynnoliver

Bracken Cat Scarf Free Knitting Pattern and more fun knitting patterns

Bracken Cat Scarf

Fifalde designed this scarf in honor of a beloved companion.  She says, “Twice I was accosted when out shopping by people demanding to know where I bought it.” I’m not surprised! Knit it in the colors of your favorite feline.

Kitty Cat Free Knitting Pattern and more free cat knitting patterns

Kitty Cat

Sincerely Louise designed this kitty that is approximately 6 inches long.

Cheshire Cat Potholder Trivet free knitting pattern -- back shows grin only


Cheshire Cat potholder free knitting pattern -back

A Grin Without a Cat Potholder

This Cheshire Cat Potholder was designed by Monica Manceñido. The double knit design features the Cheshire Cat on the front and just his grin on the back.

Free knitting pattern for Nyan Cat Scarf and more cat knitting patterns

Nyan Cat Scarf

The meme come to life in this design by Collarander the Unicorn

Patterns for Purchase

Knitting Kit for Dera-Cats

Amanda Berry’s Dera-Cats

Knitting patterns and yarn for three cuddly cats: Fudge the Siamese, Millie the Tabby and Jess the Black Cat. Each cat is approximately 22cm tall (sitting).

Knitting Pattern for Cat Socks

Cat Socks

These socks are designed as thigh high, but with a few easy adjustments to the pattern you can make them to fit as over the knee socks, or simply knee high. 3 sizes. Cat face design is written and charted. Designed by SarahTaylorDesigner

Knitting Pattern for Kitten Softie

Kitten Softie

This toy cat features a round body

Knitting Pattern for Naptime Tabby Cat

Naptime Tabby Cat

This adorable toy cat softie is approximately 11,5 inches ( 29 cm) tall.

Knitting Pattern for Toy Cats

Ginger and Smudge

Patterns included for two adorable cats, one sitting up and one lying down. All pieces are knitted flat (back and forth) on a pair of straight knitting needles. FINISHED SIZE: Ginger (the cat lying down) is approximately 13cm tall and 20cm long. Smudge (the sitting cat) is approximately 17cm tall and 13cm wide. Designed by Amanda Berry

Knitting Pattern for Catitude Scarf

Catitude Scarf

Reversible doubleknit scarf featuring a cat playing with yarn that trails across the length of the scarf. Full instructions for double knitting included.

Knitting Pattern for Toy Cat

Toy Cat in Bulky Yarn

Quick knit in super bulky yarn. Pictured cat is 10 inches tall. Two other sizes 12 inches and 14 inches.

Knitted Cats and Kittens Book

Knitted Cats and Kittens

Sue Stratford’s book of patterns includes toy cats, feline projects such as door stops, and even toys for your cats!

Knitting pattern for cat sweater with cool Escher style design

Cat Pullover Sweater

I did a double-take when I saw this sweater pattern! This v-neck pullover has a design of black and white cats in Escher style tiling. Pattern is written for sizes XS (S, M, L, 1X, 2X, 3X).

Knitting pattern for Amigurumi Kitten

Amigurumi Kitten

Kitten measures 6 inches long.

Knitting pattern for Cupcake the Kitten

Cupcake the Kitten

CUPCAKE measures 15cm (6in) to the tips of her ears. She is easy to knit.

Pickles the Cat Knitting Pattern and more kitty knitting patterns at

Pickles the Cat

This cuddly kitty is 8 inches tall and knit in the round with minimal sewing — even the tail can be knit seamlessly!

Cavendish Cat Kitten Knitting Pattern

Cavendish Cat

This cute knit kitten is 14cm tall (sitting), but you can make him bigger by following this pattern and using a larger needle size.

Knitting pattern for Tabby Cat Hood

Tabby Cat Hood

This cute, cozy hood pattern includes toddler, child, and adult sizes. It features a tail scarf that wraps around and slips through a loop on the back of the paw on the other end of the scarf to keep it secure.

Knitting patterns for blanket buddies using Top This Yarn

Top This! Blanket Buddies

This collection of patterns couldn’t be easier. Just buy a ball of Top This! yarn with the cute animal head included and knit up a lovey. Pattern includes instructions for monkey, puppy, and kitten, but I’m sure you could substitute one of the other animal yarns such as giraffe, owl, teddy bear, and more.

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