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Scrap Yarn and Oddments Knitting Patterns

by | Aug 26, 2017 | Featured

To get the knitting patterns, scroll down the page to the individual pattern you want and click on the link to that pattern.

These patterns are not my designs but links to other designers who have generously shared their patterns. If you have questions about how to knit a specific pattern, please contact the designer directly.

All links on this site are for informational purposes, but please note that some links are to affiliate sellers that pay me a small commission on purchases.

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for Modern Quilt Wrap

Free Knitting Pattern for Modern Quilt Wrap

Modern Quilt Wrap

This wrap/oversized scarf is created with the mitered-square method of color knitting, as effortless as working in stripes, but the results are far more impressive. Great use for stash or scrap yarn! Designed by Mags Kandis. Pictured projects by karinhoja and summerinatlanta. There are several ways to get the pattern. Also the designer recommends weaving in the ends as you knit.

Free Knitting Pattern for Sherbert BearSherbert Bear

This colorful bear is knit with easy intarsia patchwork that makes it great for scrap yarn. 20 cm tall. Designed by Sachiyo Ishii. The file needs to be unzipped after download.

Free Knitting Pattern for Wine Glass Slip-on Coaster

Wine Glass Slip-on Coaster

This little cozy slips on the bottom of a glass or goblet and allows you to put a wine glass anywhere you are while protecting furniture from rings. Uses just 30 yards of yarn so it’s great for scrap yarn. Designed by Terry Morris. Pair a set with wine glasses or wine for a great gift!

Free Knitting Pattern for Badge Holder Cozy

Badge Holder Cozy

So you have to wear a badge? You don’t have to make it boring. This stockinette cover is knit in the round from center out to fit standard-sized retractable reel ID badge holder. It’s the perfect way to show off a leftover bit of pretty sock or lace weight yarn and to display your love of knitting at work. Designed by E.B. Fouts-Palmer. Pictured projects by ekellyo and sarahmags who added a decorative button.

 Free Knitting Pattern for Flip Flops

Free Knitting Pattern for Flip Flops

Flip Flop Straps

Don’t like the plastic straps on your flip flops? Replace them with the soft knit straps of this Flippy Floppies pattern. Perfect for scrap yarn because it uses less than 25 yards. Designed by SnowBlue. With a pictured project by paintingitblue

 Free Knitting Pattern for Plant Cozies

Plant Cozies

These fair isle covers in three sizes are perfect for dressing up pots. Perfect for housewarming, hostess, get well, and teacher gifts. Each cozy uses small amounts of each color of yarn so it’s a great project for scraps and oddments. Designed by SpillyJane for Knit Picks.

Free Knitting Pattern for Easy Outline Shawl

Easy Outline Shawl

This easy rectangular wrap or scarf was designed specifically to use up scraps of sock yarn or mini skeins. It’s length, width, and color scheme are easily customizable. Rated easy by Ravelrers. Designed by Beata Jezek for Hedgehog Fibres. Pictured project by Splendorfalls

Free Knitting Pattern for Lip Balm Holder

Lip Balm Holder

This Chapstick cozy is knit with ribbing to hold your lip balm or lipstick snugly. Loop can attach to key ring, lanyard, and more. Only uses 10 yards of scrap yarn. Rated easy by Ravelrers. Designed by Dawn L.E. Riden. Pictured project by atbixby

Free Knitting Pattern for Shadow Magic Pillow

Shadow Magic Pillow

This cushion cover is created from mitered magic squares with their own shadow so that the colors seem to float above the surface. Designed by Frankie Brown. Less than 10g of each of the bright colors is used to knit a cushion so this is a good project for using up small amounts of yarn.

Free knitting pattern for Sweater Key Chain Covers and more stash buster knitting patterns

Sweater Key Chain Covers

This set of miniature sweaters will keep your keys from scratching up your purse contents, designed by Berroco. Although it’s a great use of scrap yarn, these were knit in Berroco Sox which is a variegated sock yarn works up into faux Fair Isle and self-striping patterns.

Free Knitting Pattern for Lacy Candle Holders

Lacy Candle Holders

These pretty cozies for glass candle jars are perfect for scrap lace yarn.Two sizes. Designed by by Rae Blackledge for Willow Yarns.

Free knitting pattern for Earbud Pouch and more last minute gift knitting patterns

Earbud Pouch

Mary Keenan designed this pouch that keeps earbuds safe and untangled and looks great too! Knit in the round, you can make this in the time it takes to watch a movie. Great use for leftover yarn and multi-color yarn!

Free knitting pattern for Fantasy Flower Napkin Rings

Fantasy Flower Napkin Rings

Easy knitting pattern by Scarlet Taylor from Red Heart. Each flower is knit in 3 sets of 4 petals. Great stash buster!

Free Knitting Pattern for Easy Clock Cozy

Clock Cozy

This Colorful Clockwork Cozy by Retrobaby is very easy. She knit a strip in garter stitch and fastened the ends together, crocheted a neat edge for the front (though you could knit a selvedge), then gathered the back edge with thread to hold it around the clock edge. Use your imagination and your scrap yarn to create a unique piece of home decor. MrsKnitsalot used a zigzag chevron lace pattern on her clock.  Marijke11 adapted the pattern to cover the edge of patio table (no project notes unfortunately!).

Free Knitting Pattern for Scrap Bag

Scrap Bag

This tote is knit in slip stitch colorwork with short lengths of scrap yarn of different colors so it’s the perfect stash buster for small amounts of yarn. Insert plastic canvas in the front back and base to give it sturdiness. The finished bag is 28 cm wide, 27 cm tall and 8 cm deep. Designed by Frankie Brown.

Free Knitting Pattern for Checkered Pan Handle Cozies

Checkered Pan Handle Cozies

Protect your hands from hot skillet handles and use up scrap yarn with these covers by Stephanie Sun.

Free knitting pattern for Furniture Socks and more last minute gift knitting patterns

Protect-Your-Floor Socks

Jodi Lewanda came up with these clever furniture leg socks for Red Heart. Cute, practical, and a great use for scrap yarn!

Free knitting pattern for Mini Key ring Purse Fobs and more last minute gift patterns

Mini Key Ring Purses

Kathy Sasser designed these cute key ring fobs for Red Heart. Perfect for scrap yarn and multi-color yarn!

Free Knitting Pattern for Pan Handle Cozies

Pan Handle Cozies

Easy quick pattern for insulating covers to protect hands from hot handles. Three designs. Great for scrap yarn and quick housewarming gift! Designed by Sharon Fuller

Free Knitting Pattern for Key Cozies

Key Cozies

These tiny key sweaters are great for identifying your keys, keeping them warm in winter, using up stash yarn and learning Magic Loop techniques. Designed by Liat Gat who has included an instructional video.

Free knitting pattern for Luggage Finders Tags and more stash buster knitting patterns

Luggage Finders

You’ll always be able to find your suitcase when you give it the personal touch of knitted tags designed by Kathy Sasser for Skacel.

Patterns for Purchase

50 Yards of Fun Knitting Patterns for Scrap Yarn

50 Yards of Fun: Knitting Toys from Scrap Yarn

More than 30 irresistible toys by Rebecca Danger that use only about 50 yards of yarn and can be used for ornaments, gifts, mobiles, and baby toys.

Knitting Pattern for Polygon Blanket

Polygon Blanket

This afghan is made of individual garter stitch hexagons that are knit individually and assembled. Great stash buster and portable project! Blanket as shown: 29 1/2″W x 37 1/2″L

Knitting Pattern for Razor Cover

Razor Cover

This razor cover is designed to protect from razor cuts when your razor is packed in your luggage, gym bag, or purse. It easily slips on and off your razor head. And slipping it on when the razor is wet serves to block the cover to the razor shape. This knitting pattern is seamless and works up very quickly. Great for scrap yarn and last minute gifts.

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