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Indian Cross Stitch Knitting Patterns

by | Aug 26, 2017 | Stitch Pattern

Free Knitting Patterns using the Indian Cross Stitch

I’ve always been fascinated by cross stitch knitting stitch, also called the criss cross stitch, the Indian cross stitch, or the yarnover cross stitch. Just by wrapping, slipping, and dropping the stitches in a couple of rows, you can get a unique construction that is sure to get compliments.

To get the knitting patterns, scroll down the page to the individual pattern you want and click on the link to that pattern.

These patterns are not my designs but links to other designers who have generously shared their patterns. If you have questions about how to knit a specific pattern, please contact the designer directly.

All links on this site are for informational purposes, but please note that some links are to affiliate sellers that pay me a small commission on purchases.

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for Xcellent Cowl

Xcellent Shawl

Crescent shaped shawl with Indian Cross stitch and looped hem. Worsted weight. Designed by Margaret Holzmann. 3 sizes

Free Knitting Pattern for Cross Over Stitch Top

Cross Over Stitch Top

Sleeveless openwork pullover knit with a 4 row repeat version of the Indian Cross stitch. Knit in 2 identical pieces and seamed. Finished bust: 36.25, 40.125, 43.25, 47.25″. Designed by Fil Katia. Bulky weight. Originally designed for a ribbon yarn. Available in English and Spanish. Note: Make sure you scroll to the end of the pattern for a correction to the stitch instructions.

 Free Knitting Pattern for Modern Love(y) Blanket

Modern Love(y) Blanket

The Indian Cross stitch gives this striped blanket a fluffy lacy texture. 2 sizes baby blanket or afghan – 47″ x 34″ or 64″ x 55″ Designed by Vickie Howell

 Free Knitting Pattern for Reversible Cross Stitch Cowl

Reversible Cross Stitch Cowl

This cowl knit Indian Cross Stitch and Slip Stitch Honey Comb patterns gives 2 different looks depending on which side you turn outside. Turquoise Beach Cowl designed by Nevin Dermenci.

 Free Knitting Pattern for Signs of Spring Cowl Cowl

Signs of Spring Cowl

Indian Cross Stitch cowl infinity scarf in sport weight multi-color yarn. Designed by Lisa R. Myers Manos del Uruguay. Pictured project by shippona who made a longer cowl in fingering weight.

Free Knitting Pattern for Exes and Ohs Shawl Free Knitting Pattern for Exes and Ohs Shawl

Exes and Ohs Shawl

A garter lace and Indian Cross Stitch shawlette/capelet that covers the upper shoulders and back and closes on the neck with a button. . Mixes sport yarn with ribbon yarn. Designed by Amy Williams. Great with multicolor yarn!

Free Knitting Pattern for Cottage Garden Cowl

Cottage Garden Cowl

This infinity scarf cowl combines Indian Cross Stitch with a 3x2 rib and the added textural detail of a Vikkel braid. Designed by Kezia Cole. Great with multicolor yarn!

Free Knitting Pattern for Indian Inspiration Shawl

Indian Inspiration Shawl

This oversized shawl features sections of lace, Indian Cross Stitch, and textured stitches. Designed by Gudrun Neumann-Mack. Available in English and German. Pictured project by Beatas. Great with multicolor yarn!

Free Knitting Pattern for Lattice CowlFree Knitting Pattern for Lattice Cowl

Lattice Cowl

Ridges of alternating Indian Basketweave stitch and Garter stitch create this cowl in your choice of short or long size. Great with multicolor yarn! Designed by Melissa Reynolds. Pictured projects by missbabs and dyemama

Free Knitting Pattern for Fair Isle Scarf

Reversible Fair Isle Scarf

This scarf features a reversible Indian cross stitch lace section at each end. The body of the scarf is knit in the round as a tube so the scarf looks pretty on both sides. Designed by Clare Hutchinson.

Free Knitting Pattern for Yarnover Cross Scarf

Yarnover Cross Scarf

This scarf is knit with sections of cross stitch and drop stitches. Designed by Rozetti Yarns. Pictured project by gulf714

Free Knitting Pattern for Elis Cowl

Elis Cowl

This cowl is knit with the Indian Cross Stitch and easily adapted to longer or wider styles. Designed by Reiko Kuwamura. Pictured project by knittily

Free Knitting Pattern for Cross Stitch Stole

Cross Stitch Stole

Approximate Finished Measurements 16” wide x 61” long after blocking. Great with multi-color yarn. Designed by Vanessa Ewing.

Free Knitting Pattern for Indian Cross Stitch Tote Bag

Tote Bag

This market bag is knit in the round using a modified version of Indian cross stitch with stockinette stitch handles. Approximately 14 inches wide by 14 inches high. Designed by Kathy Zola. Available in English and German. Pictured project by kpollard22

 Free Knitting Pattern for Lava Baby Blanket

Lava Baby Blanket

The unique Indian Cross Stitch makes this blanket durable and reversible, with a curving border. Designed by Golden Heart Knitting Pictured project by greensong

 Free Knitting Pattern for Maja Shawl


Semi circular shawl in Indian Cross Stitch designed by Anniken Allis for Knitty. Stole version also available.

Free Knitting Pattern for Crossover Scarf

Crossover Scarf

Lacy scarf created with the eyelet cross stitch. Designed by Candi Jensen. Pictured project by yalliejane

Free Knitting Pattern for Elis Cowl

Elis Shoulder Warmer

This is an adaptation of the Ellis cowl. Knit with the Indian Cross Stitch, it is knit larger to work as a capelet. Designed by Reiko Kuwamura. Pictured project by danimily

 Free Knitting Pattern for Thinking of You Bolero

Thinking of You Bolero

Knit a rectangle in Indian Cross Stitch and seam to get this stunning shrug by DROPS Design. Size: S – M/L – XL – XXL – XXXL. Pictured project by Himlajord

Free Knitting Pattern for Criss Cross Cloth

Criss Cross Cloth

Wash or disch cloth knit with a lacy cross stitch. Designed by Anita Elmore. Pictured project by woodchick

Free Knitting Pattern for Crosshatch Vest

Crosshatch Vest

This versatile accessory by Robyn M. Schrager can be worn many different ways. Knit one rectangle in a drop-stitch cable and garter pattern and then make a clever Y-shaped seam to fashion the armholes. You can now wear the Crosshatch as a swing vest, a sleeveless jacket: with tuxedo cutaway styling, or draped with a handkerchief neckline and fastened at the shoulder with a shawl pin. Knit in lace yarn on large needles.

Free Knitting Pattern for Cross the Night Sky Vest

 Cross the Night Sky Vest

Open front vest knit sideways in a yarnover cross stitch pattern. Bust: 34 (36, 38, 40, 42, 44)” Great with multicolor yarn. Designed by Sandy Huff for Universal Yarn

Patterns for Purchase

Knitting Pattern for Infinity Cardi-Wrap

Knitting Pattern for Infinity Cardi-Wrap

Infinity Cardi-Wrap

This long sleeved cardigan features a large infinity motif that forms the sweater back and Indian cross stitch openwork on the front. Designed by Kristin Omdahl. One of the 18 patterns in A Knitting Wrapsody: Innovative Designs to Wrap, Drape, and Tie.

Knitting Pattern for Kricka Top

Kricka Top

This openwork pullover is knit in Indian cross stitch in two identical pieces, then the shoulder and side seams are sewn. Sizes of finished piece: 29.75 (31, 32.25)” wide and 15.5 (16.25, 18.75)” tall. Designed by Sherrie Kibler

Knitting Pattern for Cropped Cross Stitch Top

Cropped Cross Stitch Top

This sleeveless top features a knit lace hem and cross stitch lace body. Sizes 34½ (37½, 40, 43)” (87.5 [95.5, 101.5, 109] cm) bust/ chest circumference. Designed by Shirley Paden

Knitting Pattern for Cross Stitch Vest

Cross Stitch Vest

Cross stitch lace adds a stylish touch to this classic v-neck pullover vest. Designed by Christine Marie Chen. Sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. One of the patterns in Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 2016.

Knitting Pattern for Cross Stitch Top

Cross Stitch Top

Airy Indian cross stitch lightens up this sleeveless pullover, which works up quickly in bulky yarn. Designed by Christine Marie Chen. Sizes Small, Medium/Large, X-Large. One of the patterns in Noro Knitting Magazine, Spring/Summer 2017, Issue 10

Vintage Knitting Pattern for Cross Stitch Shawl and Aran Stole

Cross Stitch Shawl and Aran Stole

Vintage pattern set in downloadable PDF file includes a pattern for lace triangular shawl and cable rectangular wrap.

Knitting Pattern for Cross Stitch Skirt and Shell

Cross Stitch Skirt and Shell

The skirt and shell both have are bordered with Indian cross stitch. The shell buttons in the back.S, M, L, XL. Designed by Arenda Holladay. One of the patterns in Cast On, May-July 2012

Interweave Free Cowl ebook

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