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Tote Knitting Patterns

by | Mar 26, 2016 | Accessories, Bags, Purses, Totes

Free knitting patterns for Tote bags

Tote bags are great when you need to carry more than a phone and a credit card. These totes range from collapsible market totes to dressy bags to beach carryalls.

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To get the knitting patterns, scroll down to the individual pattern you want and click on the link.

Free Knitting Patterns

Free knitting pattern for Summer Fling tote

Summer Fling

Espace Tricot’s bag starts with a bottom knit flit, then the main body is knit in the round from stitches picked up. Finally the handles are knit flat and joined. Pattern available in English and French

Free knitting pattern for Weekender Tote

Weekender Tote

This design from Hilary Hunt is a quick knit in super bulky yarn. Bottom is knit in garter stitch and then stitches are picked up for the bag.

Free knitting pattern for BYOB Market Bag

BYOB Market Bag

Designed by Moira Ravenscroft, this long-handled tote features flexible mesh panels and buttoned strap.

Free knitting pattern for BYOB -2.0 Bring your own bag tote

Bring Your Own Bag 2.0

There are four sizes of short-handled totes in this pattern by Moira Ravenscroft.

Free knitting pattern for Melon Pocket Bag

Melon Pocket Bag

When you’re not using this Lily Sugar n Cream bag just fold it up into itself, zip, and carry with convenient strap. Then just unzip to use as a tote.

Free knitting pattern for Aran Cable Tote

Aran Cable Tote

Phoebe’s bag is a smaller tote with a wild oak cable pattern.

Free knitting pattern for tote bag

Tote Bag by Saprotex

Easy tote in slip stitch, knit in the round. 45cm wide and 36cm high

Free knitting pattern for Celtic Wanna Be Tote

Celtic Wanna Be Tote

Designed by Lisabee Designs. Charted.

Free knitting pattern for Sea Breeze Bag

Sea Breeze Bag

This Lily Sugar n Cream bag features drop stitches for interest.  Approx 20” x 40” [51 x 101.5 cm]

Free Knitting Pattern for Ramp Hands-Free Tote Bag

Ramp Tote

This ingenious hands-free tote was designed Jodie Gordon Lucas with panels that fit beneath your legs to keep your knitting projects or other items secure but convenient. Three designs. Jodie points out it also is ideal “for knitting while sitting in bleachers, knitting while sailing, knitting on a rollercoaster, knitting on a ski-lift, knitting on a motorcycle”.

Free knitting pattern for Sundance Beach Bag tote

Sundance Beach Bag

Tonia Barry designed this cable and lace tote that is 16″ wide by 17″ tall; handles 24″ long

Free knitting pattern for Om Yoga Mat Bag

Om Yoga Mat Bag

Debbie Stoller created this mesh bag of cotton with a lace pattern that is easy to memorize. Pattern is excerpted from her book Stitch n Bitch Nation

Free knitting pattern for Big Honkin Bag

Big Honkin’ Bag

Jana Pihota’s tote features side pockets, braided i-cord handles, and an interesting stitch pattern.

Free knitting pattern for Market Bag tote

© tchick

Market Bag

Just stuff this convenient expandable tote by Lily Sugar n Cream in your purse and pull it out to fill with your groceries.

Free knitting pattern for Go Green Market BagGo Green Market Bag

This Lily Sugar n Cream tote features a front pocket. Straps are webbing or ribbon.Approx 12″ [30.5 cm] square x 5″ [12.5 cm] at base.

Waves Tote Bag Free Knitting Pattern | Bag, Purse, and Tote Free Knitting Patterns at

Waves Tote Bag

This cotton tote measures 16″ x 14″ x 3″


Arm Knit Market Bag

This mesh tote is arm knit with 6 strands of cotton yarn in two more colors. Approximately 16” [40.5 cm] wide x 12½” [32 cm] high (excluding handle).

Free knitting pattern for Linen Concerto tote

Linen Concerto Tote

This tote from Plymouth Yarn Design Studio is knit with pretty knotted lace stitch and is 16 ½” wide, 28” long. Great for multi-color yarn!

Patterns for Purchase

Knitting pattern for Sarasota Shopper tote bag

Sarasota Shopper

The Sarasota Shopper features bands of Basketweave set into a background of Double Moss Stitch. Finished bag: 31.5cm h x 34cm w x 9cm d,
= 12.5 ins h x 13.25 ins w x 3.5 ins d.

Knitting patterns for Totes

Southampton Collection

4 knitting patterns to transform linen totes to stylish bags. The patterns are also available separately. Clockwise from upper left:

  • The Sarasota Shopper features bands of texture with an understated elegance.
  • The Southampton Book Bag is textural and classic with a bright contrasting dyed liner.
  • The Falmer Book Bag has a strongly graphical design in black and red.
  • The Back-to-Nature Bag has a subtle blend of colors in a stitch that looks almost crocheted.
Knitting pattern for Net Duffle Bag


Net Duffle Bag

Vivian Høxbro’s Net Duffle Bag has a sturdy mesh-like texture formed by joining incomplete mitered squares. 28-1⁄4” circumference and 21-1⁄4” long, with 2” edging at top

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Knitting pattern on Sharon Tote

Sharon Tote

Lexi Nelson’s gingham tote is 13 3/4 ” wide and 12 3/4 ” tall, not including handles. Originally published in Knitscene Spring 2016

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Knitting pattern for Stitch Sampler Boho Tote

Stitch Sampler Boho Tote

This customizable tote is one of the projects included in the Mix and Match Sampler Class where you’ll learn 12 different stitch patterns and how to join them together for patterns like this.

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Knitting pattern for Plein Air Tote

Plein Air Tote

Amanda Scheuzger designed this oversized tote featuring counterpane cables. 17″ wide, 19″ high, and 5″ deep.

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Knitting pattern for Drawstring Tote

Drawstring Bag

Amanda Scheuzger’s tote is knit flat with an easy lace pattern and no shaping. Fabric lining is sewn in.

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