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Free Colorful Shawl Knitting Patterns

It’s all about the color in these showstopping shawls. The patterns formed by color elevate simple stitch patterns to wearable art.

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To get the knitting patterns, scroll down the page to the individual pattern you want and click on the link to that pattern.

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Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern for Mitered Eyelet Shawl

Mitered Eyelet Shawl

This shawl is created from mitered diamonds in long self-striping or multi-colored yarn. Designed by by Gail Tanquary & Angie Kachelmeier. Pictured project by SvetlanaTomina

Free knitting pattern for Enya Fair Isle Shawl and more colorful shawl knitting patterns

Enya Fair Isle Shawl

Rita Maassen’s shawl is knitted in fair isle from the bottom up.

Free Knitting Pattern for Ostro Shawl

Ostro Shawl

The Ostro Shawl is knit in three colors using a modular construction. Each “shell” is knit individually, but the following shells are attached as you go, so there is minimal finishing. Designed by the Berroco Design Team

Josephina Shawl Free Knitting Pattern and more colorful shawl knitting patterns

Josephina Shawl

Designed by Amanda Rios for Classic Elite Yarn, this shawl combines lace and stripes in a romantic wrap.

Free Knitting Pattern for Pointillés Shawl

Pointillés Shawl

Michèle Aixala designed this shawl inspired by Pointillistic use of dots of color. The web page is in French but there is an English version of the pattern on the page. Pictured project by edmoejewel

Finished Nymph 002 Fade Medium2

© Landers


Melinda VerMeer designed this shawl to be knit with contrasting colors to resemble the wings of a butterfly. Because this is cast on with few stitches and expands, it easily can be adapted to different yarns or sizes.

Light and Up Shawl Free Knitting Pattern. Perfect for variegated yarn! this and more colorful shawl knitting patterns at

Light and Up Shawl

Caroline Wiens designed this easy to knit shawl with eyelets. The shawl is made of one skein of fingering weight yarn on larger size needles. It’s great for variegated yarn!

Diving In Shawl Free Knitting Recipe and more colorful shawl knitting patterns

Diving In Shawl

Mam’zelle Flo designed this pattern/recipe as an opportunity to create a shawl from your stash yarn. The instructions explain how to achieve this modified triangle shape, and how to make modified garter stripes.

Vela Latina Shawl Free Knitting Pattern and more shawl knitting patterns

Vela Latina

Designed by Edda Fokken, this shawl comes in three shape variations and uses slip stitches to create the pattern.

Dream Stripes Shawl

Stripes go to a new stylish level in this lovely shawl designed by Cailliau Berangere with a lace border.

Free Knitting Pattern for Sylvestra Shawl


Designed by Knitarin-Karin Hess, Sylvestra is an easily knitted asymmetrical shawl that can be knitted in any yarn weight. Pictured project by dany-m

Semi Parti Medium2

Mi Parti

Designed by Martina Paulsen, this shawl turns two colors of yarn into a striking pattern.

Tailwind Shawl free knitting pattern and other colorful shawl knitting patterns

© Tabusn


Designed by Clara Falk, Tailwind is a triangular shaped shawl knitted from one corner to the other which makes it possible to adjust the size after your amount of yarn or when you are happy with the size.

No Fuss Shade Shawl

No-fuss shade-loving Shawl

Susan Ashcroft designed this easy, versatile shawl that is perfect for shaded yarns. The easy stitch variations including garter, seed, stockinette and a simple lace stitch showcase the color variations. See this project for the pattern by stitchnerd

Color Shift Shawl Free Knitting Pattern and more colorful shawl knitting patterns

Color Shift Shawl

Shannon Dubabin designed this shawl for Cascade. The shawl uses 3 colors of fingering weight yarn. 2 strands of yarn are held together and the color change is made by changing one strand of yarn at a time.

Free Knitting Pattern for Muh-muhs Shawl

Muh-muhs Shawl

Designed by Isabell Kraemer after the striped toffee candy, this shawl is knit in bulky yarn. Pictured project by katiwei

Coquille Shawl Free Knitting Pattern and more colorful shawl knitting patterns

© stewlf

Coquille Shawl

Short rows and gussets create an interesting color pattern in Mary Lou Egan’s design. Knitter stewlf created the stained glass look above by using solid black for the garter stitch and variegated color yarn for the stockinette.

Sgiach Shawl Free Knitting Pattern and more colorful shawl knitting patterns

© winke

Sgiach Shawl

This stunning wrap designed by Britt Schmiesing has a main body of simple stockinette with garter stitch ridges with a lace border worked side to side. It is also stunning as a textured shawl with one color of yarn! You can use fingering or worsted yarn for this versatile shawl. The lace pattern has written instructions and a chart.

Patterns for Purchase

Knitting Pattern for Earth and Sky Shawl by Stephen West

Earth and Sky Shawl by Stephen West

Designed by the amazing Stephen West, Earth and Sky is a top-down triangular knit shawl made with sport weight yarn in three sizes. Pictured project by by dennismarquez

Knitting Pattern for Crosshatch Shawl

Crosshatch Shawl

This triangular shawl is knit with a solid color and a variegated or self-striping yarn. Designed by Benjamin Matthews

Knitting Pattern for Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West

Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West

Designed by the amazing Stephen West, Daybreak is a semicircular shawl featuring clear, graphic stripes that echo a rising sun. in three sizes. Pictured project by by meginal

Knitting pattern for Brioche Shawl

Rainbow Brioche Shawl and Hat

This two-color brioche shawl by HappyKnitsheep is reversible and results in like two different shawls – You can wear both sides. Hat pattern is also included. Great stash-buster!

Knitting Pattern for Om Shawl

Om Shawl

This versatile shawl with texture and colorwork can also be worn as a poncho, stole, cowl or used as a lap blanket. Designed by Andrea Mowry. Pictured project by pialuna111

Simply Sweet Shawl Knitting Pattern and more colorful shawl knitting patterns

Simply Sweet Shawl

This pretty little shawl features a pop of accent color separating the garter stitch body from the border. Little bow ties form the border into a scalloped edge with no tricky knitting required!

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